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Sensitive health concerns

Hey! My name is Max, I am 27 YO. I have a few mens health concerns (such as possible phimosis and unexplained redness in that area), that Ive spoken to a health professional about in person, and have also tried to reach out to others online about It...

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Natural Health - Nutraceuticals

Hi, is anyone interested in natural solutions to health challenges and/or preventative heath through natural supplementation?

New to the group and boy..what a group pic

hi there, just found the group and am curios for more, not the least who this wonderful guy on the picture is..he looks awesome :-) greets

Yoga for ED and dribble

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The erection coach

Found this informative video on youtube. Thought it was start of the discussion nicely:

Benefits of Pelvic Floor Massage

Nude Healthfulness

Although there are certainly times when some sort of clothing is truly beneficial and healthful (to protect from hazardous substances, to protect from extreme cold, to protect from extreme heat, etc.), I believe being nude is how our bodies were...

Anxiety and Depression Yoga

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