"Getting caught nude in backyard"

Have you ever gotten "caught" naked in your backyard by an unsuspecting friend or guest stopping by the house?

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RE: Getting caught

What do you think she thought of the nudist lifestyle? You said she was ok with it now, but do you think she might have questions about trying it herself?

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RE: Caught by neighbors

I know at least 4 times I've been "caught". After the intial awkward nervousness and the snickering/giggling of the situation, they're alright with it, as long as I respect their boundries. I have the one neighbor that puts a red towel on the clothes line to let me know when they'll be having company so I'll be careful.
I've let them know if they're interested in trying nudism, I'd take them to the nearby resort.

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back yard

My back yord can be seen by my neighbor to the left of me, his living room and upstairs bath heve a some what clear view over my yard,
I usually sit out on my deck in the evening with some tea and the fire pit going. Have not, so far, i think, been seen by them.

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caught in the back yard

Checking with the city ordinances if you have a doubt about your area and its policies regarding nudity on your on premises.

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Getting caught nude in the back yard

This is my wifes and my experience. We lived in Las Vegas (sin city) we both worked a swing shift, got off at 2:00am. We were installing a paver patio in our backyard, and we happen to be nude enjoying the sun. (Las Vegas temps in the summer range between 112 and 122...a litt hot. We had just installed some privacy lattice on the corner of our yard that facedtheirhouse that was two story. The very day we installed the lattice, we heard a knock at our front door, and when we answered it, it was the police. They had gotten a complaint, about us being naked in our yard. We explained to the police officer that yes we had been working in the backyard in the nude, and even took him in the back to show him the lattice. He told us that we had every right to be nude inOUR OWNbackyard, but the people with the second story house, with the balcony had complained and they had children. No charges were pressed, and nothing was done about it. Personally, the wife and I agree, that that guy's wife must have caught him watching my wife in the nude, and got mad at him. Of course, to save his own butt, he had to file a complaint.

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RE: Getting caught nude in the back yard

I have probably been seen numberous time by a neighbor to the left and one to the rear as I go out one of the two back doors, the lady at the rear is a nurse so she has probably seen hundred of folks nude, when I go out sometimes she is gardening in her backyard and I don't see her in time. The lady to the left can see me as I open the other door but oncei'm on the porch my scrubs and privacy fence block the view, unfortantely my house sits higher then theirs, considering a privacy fence or maybe some bamboo.

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RE: Getting caught nude in the back yard

Hi All.
We have a hot tubing our back yard and have always extended an open invitation our neighbors to grab some beer and jump in when they see the wife and I arein the tub. One night about 1 in the morning, my wife and I are naked soaking in the hot tub. (Our back yard back's up to 3 other back yards and is a straight shoot from anyone's windows to see into our tub). The jets are running and the light are turned low and all of a sudden, her comes running across the yards is one of our neighbors in their bating suites, a cooler (full of beer) and into the hot tub they jumped. Non of our neighbors know that we are nudist. I took them a minuet or so to notice that my wife and I don't have a bating suite on.... It was kind of an odd moment. Pam (our neighbor lady) spoke up and said "Well. I guess we should take off our suites too". And so they did.
So all 4 of us are having a good time, drinking beer, and hanging out naked in the tub, when another of our neighbor ladies comes walking around the corner of our house in her bating suite. The look on her face was priceless when she stopped dead in her tracks about 5 feet from the hot tub when she noticed that we were all naked. We said that if she wanted to jump in she would have to get naked. It toke her a minuet but she did.
That was a good time that night.

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caught in back yard

I have been caught numerous times in various houses where I have lived. It's funny, two separate times, two different neighbors showed up on their roofs while I was nude in my back yard. The one never said anything, the other one just laughed it off. This same neighbor can see into my yard from a couple places from his second story, but I don't think he cares. I have now seen him twice on his balcony after hot tubbing nude as well, so maybe I'm having a positive affect on him!

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RE: Getting caught

Caught today. First, I'm out in the country, second, only one neighbor can see the house and he doesn't care.
I was kneeling down putting a plastic table together outside by the corner of the garage naked.
Here comes a pickup up the driveway - meter reader - a woman got out! I said 'sorry about no clothes on'. She said 'no problem'.
I casually got up and went in the garage and put on a shirt. I came back out and I told her I was worried the water
meter had another problem.
She said nope, just electric meter reading, and drove off. She never looked at me.

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I have.... I have to say it was more of a shock for the man reading the meter then for I who is a nudist.... lol But, I always keep a shirt or robe in the yard just in case.... I wonder what he said about the day he had afterwards... lol
I have friends that are not nudists and some of my siblings perfer not to see me naked so everyone knows if they don't want to see they need to honk before coming around back. I do want everyone to be comfortable when they come over...

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