RE:Valley View hot springs/Orient Land Trust

One of the most relaxing places in America, I was there with my ex girlfriend 2 years ago. I'm going back next week and will be camping there for 4 nights while I fish and explore the area. I'm going alone, so I hope that doesn't seem super weird to others that will be there.Thoughts?Anyone want to meet me there?

Just left, so I can't join. Make sure you make the trip to the Bat Cave. The numbers have increased again (Closer to 300,000 now), and they are leaving the cave earlier than usual. More around 730PMish than their usual 830PMish. Sometimes all coming out at 730, sometimes a second, smaller launch at 830. This video is from 26 July, when they all came out at 730. For awhile you can see the two streams, but the wind kept blowing them together.

John aka cobeachbum

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