Where have you been?

We posted this as a place to list the resorts you've visited. Our list is short but not to bad since we only started going to resorts in May of 2017.

TEXAS-Wildwood(probably 20+ times), Sandpipers, Nature's Resort, Emerald Lake and Bluebonnet(never again)
OKLAHOMA-Oaklake Trails

BEACH-South Padre Island every year since 2010

Thanks Hasbeens

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RE:Where have you been?

Texas: Armadillo (now Bare Hide), Wildwood, Bluebonnet, Star Ranch, Natures, Sandpipers.
Colorado: Mountain Air.
Alabama: Gymno-Vita
Florida: Sunny Sands, Eden, Paradise Lakes, Lake Como, Cypress Cove

Plus one BN Cruise (BNB 2017)

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RE:Where have you been?

Texas - Emerald lake, wildwood, star ranch, Natures, ponderosa, lonestar
Louisiana - Indian hills
Pennsylvania - penn Sylvan, Sunnyrest
West Virginia - Avalon
Virginia - Whitetail
Florida - riviera
Arizona - Shangri la
Missouri - 40 acres
Hawaii - hangin loose
New Jersey - sandy hook / gunnison beach

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RE:Where have you been?

Oregon - Mountaindale Sun Resort

California - Laguna del Sol
Deer Park (now Freedom Acres) will not return
Glen Eden Sun Club (members)
Olive Dell Nudist Ranch
Desert Shadows ( now Desert Sun Resort)
Terra Cotta Inn ( closed)
The Terra Cotta Resort and Spa (new)
Living Waters Spa
Morningside Inn (closed)
DeAnza Springs Resort

Arizona - Shangri La Ranch
Mira Vista Resort
Jardin Del Sol (closed)

Colorado - Mountain Air Ranch

Florida - Caliente Resort
Cypress Cove

Caribbean - Club Orient

Mexico - Hidden Beach Resort

Countless number of nude/clothing optional beaches in the US, Caribbean, Sweden and Denmark

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RE:Where have you been?

California - Laguna del Sol
Colorado - Mountain Air Ranch
Vermont - Abbott's Glen
Massachusetts - Berkshire Vista
Connecticut - Solair, Sun Ridge
Pennsylvania - Sunny Rest
Florida - Cypress Cove
St. Martin - Club Orient

Vermont - The Ledges at Harriman Reservoir
Florida - Haulover
St. Martin - Orient, Happy Bay
Bahamas - Half Moon Cay, Coco Cay
Jamaica - Pearly
Mexico - Passion Island, Cozumel
Honduras - Mahogany Bay, Roatan

Nude Cruise Ships
Carnival - Freedom, Pride, Victory, Sunshine
Celebrity - Constellation

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RE:Where have you been?

Florida: Cypress Cove, Caliente

St. Martin: Club Orient

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RE:Where have you been?

First resort was the now closed Hedo-III, 13 years ago, Run Away Bay, Jamaica.
Long dry spell the Cypress Cove been there twice.
The Forty Acre Club, Londell MO, twice.
Our next one is our anniversary the week of 28, Oct to 4th of Nov. Indian Hills, Slidell LA.

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RE:Where have you been?

Working back from the latest:
Angel Naturist Club in Rhodes Greece;
Domaine de Sabliere in Southern Franc;
Ashdene in Yorkshire, UK;
Hon Holidays in Peniscola, Spain;
Cruise along the Croatian coast;
Candy Farm in Yorkshire, UK;
Dunoon, Scotland, UK;
Costa Natura, Spain;
Blackpool, UK;
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria;
Hotel Gran Natura, Fuerteventura, Canaries;

They were all in 2018 and there are two more to come: Charco Del Palo, Lanzarote and Esquinzo, Fuerteventura, both in the Canaries

In previous years I've stayed in Vera Playa, Sitges, Cap d'Agde, Western Algarve, El Templo del Sol (Tarragona, Spain), El Portus, sailing off Kefalonia (Greece) Austrian Alps and Majorca as well as some of the places listed above. They were all nude holidays.

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RE:Where have you been?

Grand Lido Negril (4 times before it was rebuilt a couple years ago)
N Resort - Trelawney, Jamaica (2 times, unfortunately now closed and reopened as a textile resort)
Living Waters Spa, Desert Hot Spring, CA
Cypress Cove (one time but would love to go back)
Laguna Del Sol (probably around 15 times each year)

Secret Cove, Lake Tahoe
Little Beach, Maui

Not a long list but I think a good one

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RE:Where have you been?

Valley View Hot Springs
Desert Reef Hot Springs
Dakota Hot Springs
Mountain Air Ranch

All in Colorado. I have tried to go to other resorts when I travel but there has never been enough time.

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RE:Where have you been?

Is club orient open again after the hurricane damage? There were lots of "Club O refugees" at Couples Sans Souci at the beginning of this year. They were saying maybe in 2019. Really Nice folk by the way - they sure do enjoy their pool volleyball - my first dip into that (excuse the pun).

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