If Man Never Sinned, How Do You Think The Garden of Eden Would Be?

Something I wonder about is what the modern day Eden would be. In the Bible, Adam and Eve did not know they were naked, but they were, which has been interpreted in a number of ways. I think there's a very real possibility that they understood nudity (eve seeing Adam's dingaling and Adam seeing her breasts/hooha) but did not understand the shame and taboo being naked around each other could create, so once they sinned, it became possible for it to be a less-than-innocent thing.

I wonder, then, if Adam and Eve never sinned, what would Eden be like? Would we all, in a way, be nudists? Would we be naked at all? Would we just be shameless, meaning we would live out our lives without ever hiding even the most intimate actions?

Do you think technology would exist? Would we write books and build instruments? Or would we all be content with the simple satisfaction of existing in a place where everything was provided to us? I wonder if that means we'd lack ambition, or if we'd be so boundlessly ambitious that we could have created or asked for anything, and have received it.

What do you guys think?

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