Just how adventurous, daring, and trusting are you?

I am posting this in several groups just to let you know.

I guess all nudists have to start somewhere. Mine started at a young age, seeking quiet places to strip and experience being nude. Before long, the inside of the home became boring; it was okay, but the outdoors was calling with a vengeance. I soon began looking for opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, nude. During this period in my early 20s, I also became very daring and would experiment with just how many places I could dare be nude, some in public view and others well away from society. I also found an incredible thrill in driving naked and would test my gumption to see just how far and long I could get before having to dress again, eventually leading to just leaving home with no clothes at all.
Walking or riding a bike around the surrounding neighborhoods naked late evenings or very early had become regular in my 30s and 40s. As my business grew, my deliveries included a statewide region, giving plenty of opportunity for naked driving. Through the years, I have become very comfortable taking chances; sometimes, an unplanned stop at a hiking trail to hike naked or an opportunity to refuel naked presents itself. I have learned to take full advantage of these.
Writing posts about some of my experiences has been met with good interest. Several years ago, another TN member started conversing with me about some of my posts, commenting about how daring some were, and his bucket list included some of the things I do. Still, he lives in another state and a large metropolitan area where it is impossible. We bantered back and forth for several years, wanting to connect and somehow have an adventure together. Even though he loves to drive nude, one of his most desirable interests was to know what it felt like to be well away from any clothing and car in nature.
Last week, he informed me of the possibility of traveling through my area. Several forest trails within 20 minutes of me that I often walk nude immediately came to mind. After several discussions, he agreed to be adventurous and let me escort him on one. I was also informed that he would be driving nude with his clothes locked in the trunk for the four-and-a-half-hour drive.
We had never met face to face. We agreed I would pick him up at a local large box store parking lot when he arrived around 11 AM. That was another one of his fantasies, to walk naked in a large parking lot. I pulled up two parking spaces away and opened my window to find him doing the same to make eye contact, one nudist to another, neither wearing anything. To my surprise, he closed his window, opened the door, and stood outside, locking his car and casually walking over.
After introductions, he climbed in, and we discussed how he had never been much more than a few feet from any clothing and wished to feel what it was like to be far away from the security locked up in his trunk. I informed him the trail was 20 miles away in the forest. We left immediately, getting to know each other on the way. By the time we reached the area, his excitement was evident and at an all-time high, as he claimed. The trail is 32 miles long but has several parking areas for shorter distances. I chose one segment that was about three miles long.
I offered two possibilities: He could walk the three miles alone, and I would pick him up at the next parking area, or I would join him for a walk, but we would have to backtrack to my vehicle.
He asked me what I would say if I encountered anyone. I replied, Good day for a hike. Pick me up at the next parking area. He opened the door, stepped out, and walked across the state highway to the trailhead as I drove off.
Seeing him walk away naked in a strange state on a peculiar trail through the forest to the unknown was exciting. I knew the sensationtwenty miles from any clothes and walking away into the forest. The smile on his face as he walked up forty-five minutes later answered all of my questions.
To heighten the moment, I chose to take another route back, making him wonder where I was taking him; his excitement became evident once again as we meandered through the countryside on unfamiliar roads. Two hours later, I left him near his vehicle in the large parking lot again to walk naked to his car, where he continued his journey as naked as he arrived.
The next day, I asked him how it felt. He replied it was the most exciting day that he had ever had! He had now been twenty miles away from any clothing or vehicle with someone he had just met for the first time and walked naked in a large parking lot.
Our next adventure is already in discussion. So, just how adventurous, daring, and trusting are you? Whats on your bucket list?

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RE:Just how adventurous, daring, and trusting are you?

Wow that must have been exciting to be both of you. Thats a feeling I have never tried ! I wonder what that would be like.

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RE:Just how adventurous, daring, and trusting are you?

Great story! Was great for him to have a fellow nudist / exhibitionist as a mentor.

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RE:Just how adventurous, daring, and trusting are you?

I have always ventured out on my own - whether to secluded natural areas or to nudist resorts. And I have driven while nude countless times - in cities as well as out on the open highway. It is only until relatively recently, that I have begun to meet up with folks at nudist venues. Such is the case with my visit to Playalinda last Nov. I credit this website for such. My first attempts at outdoor (non-social) nudity began at my childhood home. At times, when I thought my siblings might be away playing at friends homes or parents away running errands (we had a large-ish house/yard), I would venture out into the backyard nude. When it wasn't getting caught by a family member and made fun of or shamed, it was the neighbor lady to the south telling my mom that she saw me walking nude in the backyard. In either case, it was made known to me that it was not an acceptable activity. I credit that type of upbringing to making me the avid nudist that I am today.

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RE:Just how adventurous, daring, and trusting are you?

I am certain that you know that there is a group rite here on TN for naked drivers. I don't get that one but if I ever see you on the road, i sure it will be a thrill for me.

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