Spread Eagle Pics

There are some pics posted of a 66 year old woman in a spread eagle position. In case they didn't know, I sent a note to the couple at BoDe_C and reminded them that these types of pics were frowned upon. I didn't flag them hoping the pics would be removed. If the pics are not removed soon, I will probably go ahead and flag them. If anyone else feels that they should be flagged that is your call.

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RE: Spread Eagle Pics

There's a lot of them on here. What are you objecting to? Her age? I know that Pi Pearl does it for christ. Isn't that a good reason?

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RE: Spread Eagle Pics

There are some pics posted of a 66 year old woman in a spread eagle position. In case they didn't know, I sent a note to the couple at BoDe_C and reminded them that these types of pics were frowned upon.

Either removed, or tagged friends only.
I can't see them.

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RE: Spread Eagle Pics

There's a lot of them on here. What are you objecting to? Her age? I know that Pi Pearl does it for christ. Isn't that a good reason?
You know fine it is not a good reason, LOL. And TT1 likes it so who are we? I wonder how TT2 feels?
But hey I only see 5 photos now and untill there is a 'level playing field' it will remain that way.

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RE: Spread Eagle Pics

Spreadeagled pics are for porn sites, not ones like this.

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RE: Spread Eagle Pics

agree should not be any spread eagle pics....if you just look at tn and not log in you can see one all the time not good!

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RE: Spread Eagle Pics

Ya , what about PiPearl ? She's about as spread eagle as they come.Her pics are " spread "all over this site. I think she's either using religion as an excuse to spread her legs, or she's got herself completely brainwashed intothinking she's just showing " The beauty of God's creation " when she's spreading her legs about as far as she can without poppin' a joint out of socket. It's not that I really mind the pics , ( I kind of like them ! lol) I just don't like double standards and hypocrites.

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either or

either you think the nude body is good or you don't to oppose one section of the body is hypocritical. A spread eagle is no more or no less than a dick shot or a face shot. It is a body part. Second you seem to just want attention. To pm them then put them on blast on here just screams self sanctimonious.

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RE: either or

when nudists/people feel that they must flaunt their crotches for others, it's only to stroke their own.....


Real Nudists don't care what other people look like, nudism is about self acceptance and about one's own freedom of not hiding what God gave them, not flaunting it....real nudists don't care....period.


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RE: either or

My wife and I are new to all this. We are both at home nudist. I was raised to be always covered. She grew up running around in her underwear. I have always tried to be an at home nudist. She has always been afraid to be seen with out layers of clothes. I got over my fear of being seen naked because of my illness and having lots of things done to me while naked.

When you finally do get out to be socially nude, you'll find that both your fears will be your only hinderance. Once among other nudists you will discover that all these supposed 'flaws' aren't noticed by anyone around you, and no one there will be asking to see ALL your body parts just because you're nude.

We grew up Conservative Christians and are trying to figure this out in relation to our faith. Is nudity a sin or just a man made rule? Will we go to hell for being nude with other people?

Christian historian Roy Bowen Ward notes that "Christian Morality did not originally preclude nudity. . . .
There is a tendency to read history backward and assume that early Christians thought the same way mainstream
Christians do today. We attribute the present to the past."
155. For the first several centuries of Christianity, it was the custom to baptize men, women, and children
together nude. This ritual played a very significant role in the early church. The accounts are numerous and
Margaret Miles notes that "naked baptism was observed as one of the two essential elements in Chris tian
initiation, along with the invocation of the Trinity. . . . In the fourth century instructions for baptism throughout the
Roman Empire stipulated naked baptism without any suggestion of innovation or change from earlier practices."
A typical historical account comes from Cyril of Jerusalem, bishop of Jerusalem from A.D. 387 to 417:
"Immediately, then, upon entering, you remove your tunics. . . . You are now stripped and naked, in this also
imitating Christ despoiled of His garments on His Cross, He Who by His nakedness despoiled the principalities and
powers, and fearlessly triumphed over them on the Cross." After baptism, and clothed in white albs, St. Cyril would
say: "How wonderful! You were naked before the eyes of all and were not ashamed! Truly you bore the image of
the first-formed Adam, who was naked in the garden and was not ashamed."
J.C. Cunningham notes that "there
is nothing in the present rubrics of the Roman rite against doing this today. In fact, in the Eastern rites the rubrics
even state the option of nude adult baptism."

Christianity supports Naturism.
180. Genesis 1:27- -The (naked) human body, created by God, in God's own image, is basically decent, not
inherently impure or sinful. The human body was created by God, and God can create no evil. It is made in God's
image, and the image of God is entirely pure and good.
181. Genesis 1:31- -God saw that everything, including naked Adam and Eve, was good.182. Genesis 3:7--Many scholars interpret the wearing of fig leaves as a continuation and expansion of the
original sin, not a positive moral reaction to it.
Hugh Kilmer explains: "Man wanted to put his life within his own control rather than God's, so first he took
the power of self-determination (knowledge of good and evil). Next, finding his body was not within his control, he
controlled it artificially by hiding it. After he was expelled from paradise, he began to hunt and eat animals; then to
gain complete control over other people, by killing them (the story of Cain and Abel)."
183. Genesis 3:10- -Many scholars believe that Adam and Eve's sense of shame came not from their
nakedness, which God had created and called good, but from their knowledge of having disobeyed God.
184. An innate, God-given sense of shame related to nakedness is contradicted by the existence of
numerous indigenous societies in which nudity is the rule and a sense of shame is totally absent, and by the lack of
shame felt by naked children.
185. Genesis 3:11- -It was disobedience that came between Adam and Eve and God, not nakedness. The
scriptures themselves treat Adam and Eve's nudity as an incidental issue.
Robert Bahr observes that "when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they grew ashamed of what they had done
and attempted to hide themselves from God, who was not the least bit concerned with their nakedness but was
mightily unhappy with their disobedience."
Herb Seal notes that God provided a covering by slaying an
innocent animal: the first prototype of the innocent one slain to act as a "covering" for sinners.
186. Genesis 3:21- -God made garments of skins for Adam, but the Bible does not say the state of
nakedness is being condemned. Because of the Fall, Adam and Eve were no longer in Eden and were thus subject to
the varieties of weather and climate, and God knew they would need clothes. God loved and cared for them even
after they had sinned.
187. To assume that because God made garments He was condemning nudity makes as much sense as
concluding that because God made clouds which blot out the sun He was condemning sunshine.
188. Genesis 9:22-24- -Noah was both drunk and naked, but Ham was the one who was cursed--when he
dishonored his father, by calling attention to Noah's state, and making light of it.
The shame of Noah's "nakedness" was much more than just being undressed. It was his dehumanized,
drunken stupor which was shameful. Ham's offense was not merely seeing his father in this shameful state, but
gossiping about it, effectively destroying Noah's reputation, cultural status, and authority as a father f igure. In the
story, Shem and Japheth were blessed for coming to the defense of their father's honor. Rather than joining Ham in
his boasting, they reverently covered their father's shame.
189. Exodus 20:26--The Priest's nakedness was not to be exposed because it would create dissonance
between his social role, in which he was to be seen as sexually neutral, and his biological status as a sexual being.
The Priest's costume represented his social role; to be exposed in that context would be inappropriate and

She is afraid of being nude for fear of being gawked at either for her large boobs or her little belly. Me I just hate clothes. We need some friends and some advice on how to enjoy the clothing optional life with out destroying our lives and our family and friendships.

Naturism promotes mental health.
4. A nudist is not a body lacking something (that is, clothing). Rather, a clothed person is a whole and
complete naked body, plus clothes.
5. Many psychologists say that clothing is an extension of ourselves. The clothes we wear are an expression
of who we are.
The Naturist's comfort with casual nudity, therefore, represents an attitude which is comfortable
with the self as it is in its most basic state, without modification or deceit.
6. Clothes-compulsiveness creates insecurity about one's body. Studies show that nudism, on the other
hand, promotes a positive body self-concept.
These effects are especially significant for women. Studies by Daniel DeGoede in 1984 confirmed research
done 16 years earlier,
which established that "of all the groups measured (nudist males, non-nudist males, nudist
females, and non-nudist females), the nudist females scored highest on body concept, and the non-nudist females
scored lowest."
7. Nudism promotes wholeness of body, rather than setting aside parts of the body as unwholesome and
8. Clothes-compulsiveness locks us into a constant battle between individuality and conformity of dress.
Nudity frees us from this anxiety, by fostering a climate of comfortable individuality without pretense.
9. The practice of nudism is, for nudists, an immensely freeing experience. In freeing oneself to be nude in
the presence of others, including members of the other sex, the nudist also gives up all the social baggage that goes
along with the nudity taboo.

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RE: either or

So, think of the body as a whole, accept the person, not the appearance, and forget about the bits in between, for in those bits, lie an entirely different function and purpose.

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