Nude Gardeners

A group for fellow gardeners from around the world.


Just spent the last couple of hours nude in the garden building a composting bin. We used to compost years ago and don't quite know why we stopped. But trying to get back in the habit. Good for the garden, good for the environment. It's a...

Summer time in the garden

My daughter is home from school for a few weeks so we spent the entire day yesterday in the garden. It was a perfect day to be naked outside with temps in the 70's and a nice breeze. We picked black currants (and later made jam), pruned the...

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Melbourne helping

I am able to make it fun Nude Group of people who are Interested an someone garden

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Garden share

As keen gardeners we would love to be able to enjoy it in the nude but way to many overlooking us here. So how about others with private gardens wanting some naked helpers? Just a thought.

British Naturists - nude days at gardens

The British Naturists website events include several dates on which gardens that are normally open to the public, have specific dates and times when the gardens are open to nude visitors through this Summer. Please take a look at the website for...

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Abbey House Gardens Malmesbury UK 2017...

Abbey House Gardens - May 21st, June 11th, July 16th, Aug 12th, Sept 3rd All Sundays. Sadly, we are restricted in our use of the gardens this year due to serious misconduct by naturists. We have to keep to the top garden and are not allowed naked in...

Finally a bit of sun.

Beautiful day here on the south coast of OZ. Transplanted a heap of carrots and chilled in the sun for the afternoon. Very rare this time of year to be able to naked garden !

changes in the back yard

My son helped me moved my green house closer to the house on the weekend. Little does he know, but this will now allow me to water my plants in naked bliss without being seen by the neighbours!

my first naked gardening experience

I only started to venture into the naturist experience last February, as the Australian summer was ending. With a very cold wet winter (by our standards) in Adelaide, i have been naked often in the house but desperate to return to our clothing...

World Naked Gardening Day

One week from today ( May 6th) is World Naked Gardening Day. So what are all of you doing to celebrate?

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