Nude Gardeners

A group for fellow gardeners from around the world.

my first naked gardening experience

I only started to venture into the naturist experience last February, as the Australian summer was ending. With a very cold wet winter (by our standards) in Adelaide, i have been naked often in the house but desperate to return to our clothing...

Greenhouse Nudehouse!

Had great day gardening nude indoors today at Pinetree indoor pool! Have palms arranged and trimmed, safe in windowed pool house. Fuchsias, philodendron and mandevilla joining them in tiers. Makes the pool so much more relaxing and tropical. Had good...

Hello from Burgundy , France

We are a French couple of naturists ( nudist) living inthe quiet and sunny countryside in Burgundy, FRANCE.We live nake d a big part of year, naked in our property , garden, forest or lake and we love to make our works all along months, like that..We...

Last Days of Summer

Making the most of a warm sunny day in the garden.I'm not completely shielded from the road, but its only the occasional lorry that can see in.Mowing the lawn naked with your feet in the grass is a fantastic experience.A quick coffee then back to...

The final cut in the nude.....possibly.

What a glorious weekend and I think I made the most of it out doors.Several jobs to be done to keep the garden tidy and prepare it for winter.I spent most of yesterday in the field with my chainsaw, so no opportunity to be naked.But today I got the...

October Sunshine

I've written before about the summer being over and yet it seems to still be here.Today I spent the morning splitting logs and was pleasantly surprised at how warm I got.A break with a cup of coffee then I was out again. This time to put the last...

Nude In Garden

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Bonus Days

WE have had a warm week here so far in the north woods with temps in the low 70's. I believe that yesterday is the first time I've ever raked leaves naked!

Unexpected Visitor

Yesterday was a fantastic day for being in the garden and I got loads done.Today is another unexpected warm day, so I was back in the garden again.Pottering in the greenhouse I was surprised by an unexpected guest.She came straight into the garden as...

Winter gardening

We live in central Florida and are planning to grow a small garden this winter. Does anyone living in the area have recommendations as to what grows best from October thru spring?

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