Always Want To Be Nude

"MUST BE CERTIFIED!" Absolutely "NO" Private, friends only, blank or empty profiles. Must have at least 2 full frontal nude photos W/ face This group is for those who shed their clothes completely whenever and wherever possible and if the situation permits they remain or would remain nude continuously throughout for life.

I enjoy the naturist lifestyle

Hello fellow naturists! I am looking to make new friends and exchange ideas, stories, and photos. I have been a naturist for several years now and enjoy the freedom of nudity on vacations. Be it Greece, Mexico, Canada or the USA and even my own...

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Hello, I've just joined the group

Hi! As an introduction, here's a pic of me with my Kindle which I bought about a month ago and from which I cannot now bear the thought of parting. Cheers!

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by warwickshire_lad 
I have never enjoyed being clothed.

I'm starting my 50th year as a nudist and have never felt comfortable wearing clothes. Before becoming a nudist I was very self-conscious about being fat. Once I made the decision to shed my clothes and inhibitions I have become much more...

Looking for naked friends

I think being naked is a natural thing and I feel no shame in showing myself completely naked to anyone. Not to provoke but to be myself in freedom and truth. I am looking for friends of any age, gender or background who share my thoughts. Anyone...

Birthday in Birthday Suit

My wife has spent the entire 24 hours of her birthday totally naked on a warm UK June day at a pub's naturist camp site but it has been a bit trickier for me with a December birthday. Twice I have booked a holiday in the Canary islands over my...

From This Day Forward

Only certified members with the rest of the requirements will be approved. Tired of approving members, only to have them change their profile after approval.

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Members Removed

In going through the group, I have found several members, who after being approved changed their profiles. They have deleted all their photos, changed their profile to "for friends only" or changed their profile to private. They all have...

The need deepens

As time goes by, do any of you feel like the nudity urge is increasing? At one time, nudity was a novelty. Then, a preference. Now, a need. Am I alone in this? Not only being nude, but engaging with others as nude, when possible.

From 2400 t0 770

Always want to be nude. I have removed all members who no longer meet the group requirements. That included every Private and For Friends Only profiles and I have also blocked them. If they do not want us to see them, I do not want them looking at...

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Totally Clothes Free

Someone on another board said his plans for retirement is to burn all his clothing when he gets home from work on the last day, remain completely clothing free as long as possible and then order the minimum possible amount when the need arises....