Always Want To Be Nude

This group is for those who shed their clothes completely whenever and wherever possible and if the situation permits they remain or would remain nude continuously throughout for life.

Naked as often

I can truly say after work I am stripping down for the ride home. I dont know how I make it but I do . I often dream of o e day going nude from sun up to sun set. Awaiting my moment.

When You Can't Be Nude

... Do you wear as little as possible? No shirt for men and halter top for women? Short shorts? Minimal swimwear? No underwear?

If I could .........

I would love to open a bar/restaurant that caters ONLY to nudists. You must be nude while in the establishment. It would have a beer garden during the warm months and closed in with heaters during the cold months. There would be dart leagues, et al....


Post here if you are naked right now! I am and my naked azz feels gooooooood!

Nude fun

I drove thru carwash nude on Sunday... great feeling! Anyone else have nude fun this w/e?

Nude on the beach

I love going to nudist beaches. Being nude on the beach is so much fun. I am sitting nude on the beach right now. It is really lovely and freeing. I hate going to textile beaches where you can't be free. So yes I want to be nude as much as...

Longest amount of time nude

What is the longest amount of time you have been able to be nude? Days, weeks,months? It would be great to be able to abandon clothes altogether, but it's not practical yet. Even though you may spend all your time nude at home, you still have to...

Almost Always Nude

Most of us have to dress for something at some point, so I thought this would be a good question to ask. Have you had a time of a month or more were you had reason to get dressed on more that one occasion but only had a few hours or less of clothed...


I so wish i could be naked 24/7/365. While my wife isn't into the lifestyle, I have been a nudist for many years. My wife is out of town for work and I am here naked exclusively except for being at work. I so much enjoy not wearing clothes. I...


Hi,I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the group. Would love to welcome new friends :) Col.

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