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Try to lift each other up and bring a little body positivity to the world, your shape, size, ethnicity are less important than your attitude. A great place to feel good about yourself no matter who you are or what you might have been told previously.A place to discuss issues you might have or just to try and share your positive experiences and encourage others to come to peace with themselves

Plus Size Ladies

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Hello. I have been a home nudist for over 20yrs, I am at a point in my life where I would like to venture out and experience social nudity. My wife on the other hand has serious body image issues and the negative attitude that goes with it. She is plus size, a BBW, however you would like to call it. She has curves. She is about 5'6", size 16-18 and is a 42DDD. I like all of that, in fact I love all of that. I like bigger women but she has such a negative image of herself no matter what I say, it doesn't help. Her attitude, not her size, has affected our sex life and our marriage. She will not even go topless inside our home. Are there any ladies, or men, who have the same troubles that can offer some advice as to how to change her self image? I love seeing her nude but there is little chance unless something changes. Thanks

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RE:Plus Size Ladies

SueBeeHoney is right on the mark! These companies foster insecurities in women, especially about age and size, so that they can profit by manipulating those insecurities; in the process, the companies reinforce the cultural bias against older and larger women, and of course this bias can be internalized so that many older and larger women are dubious about nudism. The irony is that in nudist culture such women would actually be embraced, since we don't have that cultural bias about women's bodies. That is the message we as nudists should be promoting!

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RE:Plus Size Ladies

It's all dogma of what a Pearson should look like. I under stand those who are wanting to be healthy but you don't have to be perfect in body to be healthy I think it depends on one's genetics. In other words you are who you are. It's what's on the inside what counts. But women are targeted more than men. If anyone has read my profile I have a saying the body is art some are just more abstract. I am not I am not what some call ideal in looks n weight. I am working on weight loss for the Dr say it would help with my type 2 diabetes. So to all the women out there in the nudist life I have learnt it does not matter what you look like its who you are as a person.

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RE:Plus Size Ladies

Naturism/nudism is the perfect antidote to our sexist patriarchal society's ill, like sexism, misogyny, chauvinism, body insecurities, body phobias, body shaming, the objectification and sexualization of the female gender, etc.!!
I agree with you, but it's equal opportunity objectification and sexualization of the male gender too! One difference is that when the female body is objectified (such as a boob billboard), it's called misogynist, but when the same is done for men, it's considered homoerotic. Prepandemic I went into a Abercrombie & Fitch store and in addition to being shocked that the music was blasting and the lights were too dark to see merchandise which didn't go beyond very thin-waisted, I was surrounded by murals of older naked male teens abs from the pubic bone on up. No wonder young men are afraid of locker rooms! I agree that males are objectified less than females, but reading this thread I wonder if women can be more judgmental of themselves and other women than men are.
In any case, get the clothes off and be transformed in a setting like a nudist resort where people are more accepting than society in general, at least if you're not discriminated at the gate first. We all need more kindness.

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