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Try to lift each other up and bring a little body positivity to the world, your shape, size, ethnicity are less important than your attitude. A great place to feel good about yourself no matter who you are or what you might have been told previously.A place to discuss issues you might have or just to try and share your positive experiences and encourage others to come to peace with themselves

Comments on peoples pictures - Appropriate or inappropriate?

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Given that the nudist community is supposed to be about tolerance and acceptance of bodies in a non sexual way, I do see a lot of comments on peoples pictures that refer to the breasts, body or genitals and how nice they are.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing as I can see how it could promote body positivity but a part of me also thinks about why there is a focus on commenting on photos that could be construed as sexual?

Thoughts? Has anyone else noticed this?

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RE:Comments on peoples pictures - Appropriate or inappropriate?

I try to err on the side of caution, although that can be difficult sometimes. (One picture of a couple I came across the other day was perfectly normal except for the fantastic length of a certain member - I thought about making a schlong reference but decided not to. I'm slightly more bold if it's relevant to the topic (such as photo composition or 'how do I look...') but probably keep it general.

On the other side I don't mind a compliment, whether here or in real life and am generally quietly chuffed to actually receive one!

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