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Try to lift each other up and bring a little body positivity to the world, your shape, size, ethnicity are less important than your attitude. A great place to feel good about yourself no matter who you are or what you might have been told previously.A place to discuss issues you might have or just to try and share your positive experiences and encourage others to come to peace with themselves

Perceived Pens Size

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Years ago, Dr Ruth brought forth information which impacted me. She said for men who perceive themselves as having a small penis, do this;
Stand in front of a full length mirror naked and masturbate until you have a full erection. Observe, that in this state the penis doesn't appear to be so small. This is what your partner will see during intercourse. To put it crudely, some men are showers and others are growers. Men come in all sizes, all are functional for intercourse. Most partners understand this.

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