Body Positive Nudes

Try to lift each other up and bring a little body positivity to the world, your shape, size, ethnicity are less important than your attitude. A great place to feel good about yourself no matter who you are or what you might have been told previously.A place to discuss issues you might have or just to try and share your positive experiences and encourage others to come to peace with themselves

Middle Tennessee Nudist

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I might be over weight but being a nudist is the most positive thing I've ever done.
Short or tall - big or small -
I find peace in being naked with my fellow nudist.
All for one and one for all. There's nothing better than being skin to skin with each other.
Naked hugs to all.

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RE:Middle Tennessee Nudist

Makes a nice contrast to textile places like beaches where people are judged based on their choice of swimwear given their weight or age. I still largely wear what I want on textile beaches, but feel more openness at clothing optional ones.

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RE:Middle Tennessee Nudist

Wonderful to read these messages. The more time I spend nude I'm thankful for the acceptance of myself and others. A very good experience and choice. Appreciate this discussion.

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