Burning Man Fans

This group is for anyone that has attended, wants to attend or wants to know why they should even know about the Burningman annual event and its social significance all year long and globally experienced. Refer to www.burningman.com for personal information education.

2021. Burning Man

Looking for an outgoing travel mate to go to Burning Man with me. Want it to be a trip of a lifetime. So if your spontaneous and adventurous and have the attitude what happens at Burning Man stays at Burning Man hit me up PLEASE

Art on Fire

I watched a documentary last evening filmed during BM2018 - the year Larry Harvey passed away in April. There was a lot of background on the artists involved, and during construction of the MAN, as well as the Temple for that year. As with all...

2020 Burningman

I did my first burn in 2018 and loved it! I am going back again in 2020. Is anyone else planning on going?

post playa blues

how is everyone dealing w post playa blues? i just realized im super stressed w work and made myself start arting to release

2019 event

So... who's going this year? I'm super excited.... I first heard about it from someone on here in 2012, who's sadly not going... but I am finally!

Desperately looking for a ticket and pass

I've put feelers out everywhere (ePlaya, STEP, FB), and still looking for a ticket and pass. If anyone of my fellow naked burners knows of something please let me know!!!

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Going this year?

Hey! I will be at Burning Man this year. Anyone else going? Hit me up

Like to get a concise description of Burning...

Like to get a concise description of Burning Man, from someone who has attended. I would like to attend the next Burning Man, but, I have hear it has become a major pain and very expensive...Any input? Keith