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What's your dream car? What dream car do you have now?

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This group should have some interesting car favorites. For me, my dream car will most likely never be achieved. A Porsche 917 is by far my ultimate car. However, since it is a factory race car and very few were made, I will have to settle for a replica without that 10 cylinder. My next would be Ford GT. If the price would stop climbing I might have a crack at that one. I could list many more but would like to hear from the group. As for what I have now, its a Corvette Z06 C6. What a fun car to drive.

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RE:What's your dream car? What dream car do you have now?

I had a look at a used Ford Focus CC (similar concept to the Eos; every Euro carmaker was into folding-roof convertibles at that stage), but my family vetoed the choice in favour of an MX-5 (Miata), which was older, had greater mileage, uses premium fuel and costs more to buy. The best bit about the MX-5 is the roof which takes seconds to lower from the driver's seat. No waiting for electro-magic means it gets lowered even for short trips and I never have to worry about the mechanism failing. It's a hoot to drive, too. Gets lots of smiles and thumbs up from others.

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