I Remain Nude When Guests/service P

This group is for ALL fellow nudists whom remain nude, regardless of who visits the home. Personally, I have always remained nude for every guest and visitor to my home, including neighbors, plumbers, cable and telephone techs., Fedex, UPS, food/pizza delivery, and many more. It's every nudists right to be nude when at home. Why cover up? Please feel free to share your experience.


Today, I answered the door nude to accept a delivery from FedEx, which required a signature. Although this is not a huge deal, nor the first time I have answered the door nude............it's proof having a "nudist sign" on or near your...

Nude in the hospital for a week

About a month ago, I spent an entire week completely naked. I had a series of extremely bad health crises that landedme at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital (UAB), one of the premier hospitals in the Southeast United States. After an...

Always nude for visitors!

Hi,Love this group! I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the group.Would love to welcome new friends :) Especially those interested in getting fit, nude.Col.

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Greeting my friend nude

I was single at the time and a married friend came by to see my new house. I greeted her nude at the door and gave her a tour, while I remained nude. We set around for a while and talked. She occasionally looked at me and smiled. I just felt so...

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Naked While The Plumber Here

Had a running toilet needed a plumber got a card and email about doing a job. He came today to do the job but I stated in email my home was a nudist house hold. Job done only took about 10 minutes but I stay naked all the time all he said is you have...

the exterminator

I knew he was coming today between 1-4pm, he had been here a few times already. I had gottten busy chatting and wasn't watchin the time, all of a sudden he knocked on the door, I ran to the bathroom to go pee then was going to go to the bedroom...

Jehovah Witness

It was hot and i was feeling a little bit more game than usual. of course i was naked. i saw 2 male JW's approach the front door which is adjacent to my little office. i have previously scampered for the emergency pants but this time i thought...

Stayed Nude During Hours Long Surround Sound...

Thanks to TN members stories, I finally had the courage to tell a service worker that I'm a nudist and ask if he would like me to stay dressed while he's here. He said it was my home and I should be comfortable in my home. So I'm nude!...

Remained nude in hotel room

We have stayed nude in hotel room while the room service was there.

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Remained nude in hotel room

We have stayed nude in hotel room while the room service was there.

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