Keep It Natural And Hairy

Join this group if you feel like everything should be natural. Here we don't shave our bush but stay proud of it. We love our bushes!!! Submit your bush and compare your bushes! Also talk about what it means to be natural and hairy.

My hairy one

Here is a picture of my hairy cock. I tried shaving for about a month a couple of years ago and decided it was too much trouble and I would rather be natural anyway. Thats what I prefer with women too.

The Naturist Way

Fancying myself as a naturist, as in I feel that being naked makes me closer to nature, and I am not naked to impress anyone, so body hair works for me. I am pretty hairy, so that makes going smooth a pain, and temporary at best. This is not to say...

A full bush is the best thing

Just to add my 2c worth. I love a natural body, it's healthy, it's right and it's not hiding anything (in the figurative sense). A full grown bush is a beautiful thing. All hail the hairies! :)

Naked, unshaved from Italy

Hi everyone. I am Andrea from Italy, 58 years old, divorced, Catholic, nudist. I believe that keeping pubic hair is natural and I feel no shame in showing myself completely naked and unshaven. I would be very happy to have friends (women, couples,...

Armpit hairs - 0 to 10?

It is always interesting that the distribution of hairs across the body is different for different people. I wonder if you were to rate how hairy you are in your armpits (assuming they are equal on both sides) [0 = smooth and 10 = very very hairy],...

Welcome in my friendship group

I have been a nudist for 30 years since meeting a lot of naturist people at nude beach club in America at the age of 14 and I love being completely nude where I can. I like to travel constantly and discover new nudist places, especially near the...

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New to Nudism - Bushes are hot

I love being a nudist, I find being able to see us as we are interesting, and mildly exciting. As long as i can remember a guys bush has attracted my eye. it might be that it separates the men from the boys, might be because puberty hit me late and...

New Hairy Nudist

New to nudism here and so happy to find a group of people who like to keep things natural! As a new nudist I have been so self conscious about being a hairy guy. I feel like so many nudists prefer to be totally smooth. I honestly take pride in my...