Keep It Natural And Hairy

Join this group if you feel like everything should be natural. Here we don't shave our bush but stay proud of it. We love our bushes!!! Submit your bush and compare your bushes! Also talk about what it means to be natural and hairy.


Hey there,they shaved my bush off because of surgery and I hated it. i felt naked without my man bush . Seemed to take ages to grow back. Cheers

Hey lovelies

I am new to the group, I love making friends with other nudist and traveling around the world , also interested in an open relationship.

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Female underarm hair

Half a century ago, I taught English on summer schools for overseas students. Because the weather was warm and students thought of themselves as being on holiday, they dressed very casually. Some of the young female students wore backless tops...

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My Opinion

Pubic and underarm hair are marks of adulthood. Why mess with that? Facial hair is a mark of masculinity. Why mess with that? Except for ripping out evil nose hairs, I don't shave, trim, or cut any hair anywhere. I used to shave my head, but I...

Swap/share hairy bushy naked photo

Dear TrueNudists members, I like taking photo with my hairy pubes and armpit hair while being naked. If you share the same hobbies, and want to swap/share your photo with me, please add me on Slype: I am Ash, Asian, 25 and...

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The female bush

When I remember the time I was at the nudist club of my parents as a boy there were no men or women who were shaved. Shaving the bush would have nothing to do with nudism. It would be sexuality or pornography for women to show their vulva. There...

Women who keep it natural

Who are the women here who keep it natural or slightly trimmed?

My hairy one

Here is a picture of my hairy cock. I tried shaving for about a month a couple of years ago and decided it was too much trouble and I would rather be natural anyway. Thats what I prefer with women too.


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