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Nudists who enjoys wearing a Kilt. Nudists who admire kilt wearers.

I'm naked under my kilt!

I once read a post on a kilt website where a guy said that wearing a kilt commando with no shirt and barefoot was the closest he could be to naked in public. Does anyone else feel a connection between wearing the kilt and naturism?

Kilts and skirts.

I have one kilt , and a lot of skirts. Is it ok to wear a skirt ? when others are wearing kilts.

quick-release changing kilt

This isn't really a kilt, but it's great for when you need to cover up quickly. It's supposed to provide cover while you change between sports kit and normal day clothes, but it is also easy to carry and put on quickly if you need to...

What do you say?

I am sure all kilt wearers get asked, "what do you have under that kilt." What do you say? Have any of you asked them to feel under to check? Have any of you just lifted up the kilt and showed them?

Clan identification

I realize that kilts are for everyone, not just Scots and that many naturist men like casual or non-traditional kilts as well as other types of Male Unbifurcated Garments (aka MUGS). But identifying with a clan is important and traditional highland...


I was in a big crowded lift at London Heath Row airport in my kilt. I heard two men debating if I was wearing underpants. Then one asked my to lift it and show them. I did so, proving there was nothing under the kilt - only me. Then I noticed two...

light weight kilt

I am a nudist who lives in Palm Springs California. while I am always naked whenever I can get away with it, clothes are sometimes needed. I love kilts for the personal freedom I feel while wearing it, commando off course. trouble is, most kilts are...

My Utilikilt

I love wearing my kilt out in town. The freedom of movement it provides, the ventilation around naturally warm areas of the body, and of course the joy of seeing people looking twice. Thing is though that I dont wear a traditional kilt; I wear a...

Seeking my Tartans

My mother was a KING family member in northern Ireland in county Armah. what would their Tartan look like? My grandmother was from the Scott Buchanan Clan. What would there Tartan look like? Would appreciate any help on these! Thank you. Sam

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