Locker Room Procrastination

A group for those who like to take their time while changing / showering / dressing at the gym or any other locker room situation , to maximise naked time.


Hey brothers,New group JOCKSTRAPS

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Coffee with some buds.

No proscrastinators on this site for a year. Maybe, just maybe a couple of us ought to grab some coffee and meet in the locker room. Strip naked, sit down, chat and slowly drinking our coffee. No rush. Wander away, check out the open showers, come...

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After a good workout, there is nothing more relaxing than a sauna. I love laying out complete nude on my towel and letting the heat hit all my muscles and joints. I miss the European / German sauna. In Canada Im looked at as a bit nutty for being...

On purpose or not?

Hey guys, do you procrastinate naked on purpose or its just the way you are? Did you ever receive comments from guys you were it - taking too long, in a hurry, show off..?

Best locker room gyms to hang out in

Hi, guys. Interesting new TN group. Decided Id start off a conversation. What and where are the best gyms for taking time showering, getting dressed, staying naked as long as possible? What makes those gyms good that way? I havent found a LA Fitness...

Any of your gyms have open showers?

Mine is a rectangular room - one side has shower heads on the wall (open space) and the other side has partitioned shower stalls. I always use the open area.


If you visit the Blue Lagoon volcanic pools in Iceland naked showering is compulsory because they want no contamination of the water. There are two men's showers, one upstairs and one down. You can hang around in one for so long then change to...