Look At Me! I'm Totally Naked

For those of us that love to be completely naked and don't mind who sees us and knows about it. Whether it's indoors, outside, in private or in public, relaxing on the beach or modelling in a studio, we love showing off every inch of our naked bodies to anyone who'll see us. We have nothing to hide and are proud to be nudists.

Please look at my full, total, complete...

I'm Andrea from Italy. I have just published a picture in which I appear totally naked. I would be glad to look at you, as well as to visit my profile and look at my photos. I like being completely naked in front of others, it's a need to...

Why I Love Being Naked

1. Freedom, when I'm naked I'm no longer chained by cloths.2. Feels great (the feeling of the wind, sun, and everything else on my naked body is very pleasant)3. Excitement, the fact that I am exposing myself is so thrilling and the fact...

Remembering that you're nude

Does anyone forget that they're nude from time to time? I never wear clothes when I can, and when I'm nude I'm both barefoot and naked without anything man made. Still, this happens to me every once in awhile. Yet it bothers me a little...

Your first time

When was your first time you realized you actually wanted to live the nudist life style? I believe mine was about 30 years ago. I've always loved being nude, but I feel I actually became a nudist then.

I Love Being Naked

I don't mind being seen naked at all, provided of course it doesn't lead to my being arrested. lol

I wish, better, I need to be seen naked

Greetings to everyone. I'm Andrea from Italy. It is a pleasure for me, a desire and a need to be seen totally naked, it is a desire to be accepted as I am. So I would like to ask to visit my profile and look at my photos. If someone wanted to...

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Naked chat

Hello, I just joined this group although I have been a member of TN for a long time already.But reading through the posts of this group it seemed that I would fit in well here. I have been a practicing nudist for decades now, and very comfortable...

naked workout on cam

I worked out naked on cam here today. Nude and exposed, head to toe. I liked it, but I'd enjoy some more voyeurs and some feedback next time. If you're interested in watching and maybe working out nude with me, drop me a note.

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