Everyone nudist/naturist who likes to show his/her nude body and also likes to look at other people's nude bodies.

Being Exhibitionist

I love to flaunt my naked body for others..both gives me a huge turn on..Is it considered to be sexual? I feel it is not..opinion please..

bright car lights

I forgot to gat the mail yesterday so around midnight I walked out to the mailbox only wearing my t shirt which barely covered my naval and the top of my bare cheeks . as I went up to top of driveway I saw one of my neighbors in the garage across...

Show off my naked body

Looking for guys who want to see and direct me while fully naked, either on cam, with photos, or in real life. Can include many things. Get in touch if interested here or via email:

Full nudity on Skype

Anyone into full body exposure? Let's Skype:


It's a group for young nudists around the world to get connected and meet new people through this quarantine. Rules: 1. You must be 18-40 2. When joining, you must introduce yourself sharing a nudist pic, how long you've been nudist and...

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New Nudist Friends

Hello! I'm Luke, from Brazil, and I've been nudist for around 10 years now. I want to meet more young nudists around the world and share experiences! I just love to be naked, to be seen naked and to see others naked - nothing to hide! Take...

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Telegram Nudist group

I have just create a group on Telegram for my True Nudists friends, it's a faster and simpler way to get in touch. Official language is English. Range: worldwide. It's a group to share experiences, ask questions, talk about nudism, sharing...

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by Scotto 
Looking for nudist friends

Hey everyone, I'm looking for other nudists who would like to chat and swap pictures of our full bodies! Feel free to add me as a friend here or message me via: Skype: Snapchat: nudist95 If you want to chat via kik or telegram,...


Hey all, I thought I'd start a thread for those interested in connecting through Snapchat. It's great for sendin pics/vids. If interested, folks can post their Snap on this thread. I also started a "Snapchat Nudist" group for...

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by Scotto 
Why do you like to show your nude body?

Would love to know why do you like to show your nude body? How do you feel when naked in front of other naked people? Do you like been watched naked by others?