Everyone nudist/naturist who likes to show his/her nude body and also likes to look at other people's nude bodies.

New to Group

Hi all, I'm new to the group. John

Nudist Bi Male USA (So. Calif.)...Seeking New...

Very open minded mature (62) single (widowed) (wife and I were both raised in the lifestyle) bi nudist guy, USA (So Calif.) Love the nudist lifestyle. Raised as a nudist, and love being nude anytime, anyplace, even some places, I shouldn't......

How do you like it...?

I would like to know, in what situations you, dear group members, love to show your body....? Or when did you show your body on a special occasion? I mostly like it in Sauna in Winter and on a nude breach in Summer. But....what possibilities else do...

I love to strip and show off on Skype

I like to strip show off on skype,and chat so if any of that sounds good then add me live:riddleboxwraith lets talk about each others bodies

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working naked feels so good

I am a housecleaner and lucky enough to get to work naked for some of my clients which makes working so much easier and more comfortable, I was wondering if anyone else gets to work naked??

I love shaved bodies

I love shaved bodies. I use to shave all my body every day in the shower after shaving my face. I will appreciate your opinion about this and also about my pictures.

Add me now! Kik, snap, flickr, skype and...

Hey, my name is Diego and I am 19yo. Add me on TWITTER: NudistaBogota MeWe: Diego Bogota FLICKR: nudistabogot SNAPCHAT: diegoabogota INSTAGRAM: diegoarevollom SKYPE diegoabogota KIK: diegobogota Also I have a nudist group on WHATSAPP. Write me...

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Being Exhibitionist

I love to flaunt my naked body for others..both gives me a huge turn on..Is it considered to be sexual? I feel it is not..opinion please..

Why are members posting in clothes only?

I have heard all the reasons for not posting nude photos, but really, posts of guys in bvd' s and other underwear? What gives, next just pix of shoes below the ankle. Please comment


Bartender023 on snap

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