Lovers Of Hot Springs

For those of us who love to visit hot springs in the buff. Post your favorite spring, stories and pictures!

Faywood Hot Springs in NM

Hey all.. We're planning a trip which includes 3 days at Faywood Hot Springs resort in Faywood, NM from 11/25-28. Curious if anyone has been there and how your visit was. Thanks, May

Hot tub style rock pool

Anyone wanna join me in my rock style hot tub. Not heated by water is warmest during July and August. No clothes required great place to hang out naked. Located in central Newfoundland. Near Triton brook bridge. Needs atv/quad to access it.

Hot Spring Etiquette

The wife and I enjoyed hiking back to and soaking in Fifth Water Hot Springs in Utah when we were on another trip. When we arrived to the spring there were nude and people in swimsuits. We were nude but did not join the ones who were clothed in the...

Deep Creek in AppleValley, CA

Has anyone else frequented there? Its been many years since I made the journey from Bowen Ranch.

how far from home

What it the furthest away from your home that you have managed to strip off for something other than sleeping or taking a shower? For me it was a nude beach outside which is the nearest big land mass to the my antipode. An antipode is the spot on...

Loftus hot springs

Anyone in group from Idaho? I'm looking for friends to enjoy hot spring with

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Orvis Hot Springs

We visited Orvis Hot Springs in Colorado. What a great and neat place. There was snow in the mountain tops and it felt just wonderful basking in the warm water

Hot Springs in Australia

Have you found a hot spring somewhere in Australia where it was possible to have a skinny dip. If so please share with us.

AZ Hot Springs and Gold Strike Hot Springs

Popular hiking Clothing optional Hot Springs, I'm an experienced hiker and will be conducting guided hikes to those interested in joining. :) Near the Hoover Dam, NV both hikes offer levels of challenge for beginners and the experienced.

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My future wife.

Hello members, I just joined because when it popped up it really got my attention. Gotta love a hot spring! My wife and I met when she hitch-hiked with me on a road trip from Queensland to the Northern Territory in Australia. I had sworn to visit...