Talk Man To Man

This group has been created for the men out there who don't ask questions or speak about issues.Because men don't speak to eachorher about stuff, they don't realise that certain things is normal or not normal."Is this suppose to happen?" "Am I the only one?"Feel free to start topics, even if you're just curious about things.Woman talk to eachother all the time...

Masturbating Tips and Tricks

We are all guys and we are all adults, we can't express ourselves and talk about things. Especially something that's part of a man's human nature. Will years of experience under our belts, yet I'm sure we can all learn something new....

Discovering Yourself.

How did you learn that your penis can be used for more than just peeing? For me, I don't know how old I was but I remember watching a TV show 1 night and a guy was wanking. I don't remember what it was. I think it was a BBC TV show called...

Gay man interested in straight men friendship

I am a gay man interested in a straight guy. He has made it known he wants a relationship with no sex. Yes I enjoy meeting with the possibility of some fun. With him I find I am very much in love with him (even just with chatting) and I want to...

Gay Naked Guys with Straight Naked Guys

So, how many of us, gay or straight, have hung out naked with others who are gay or straight? I've hung out with my gay friends, naked, but not with my straight friends, naked.

Shaving Down Below

So this is an open group for guys to talk about things, get tips and tricks from one another. Things guys dobt normal ask or talk about. So I want your tips and tricks for shaving your balls. Anytime I do it and nearly always nic myself.

Talc Your Balls

I found out earlier that a friend of mines talc his balls. He doesn't know why as it was something he always did. Im assuming it was something his parent got him to do when he was younger I get the benefits of it. I guess its for ball sweat and...

Prostate Surgery and Nudism

I am facing surgery to remove my prostate. Anyone with insight, Id love to know what changed for you and what stayed the same. Thank you!

Gay men straight men

I have many straight friends who I talk with both nude and dressed . Never had a problems talking about anything with them.

When man to man becomes man to troll

This is a great initiative for authentic discussions of sharing integrity and insight. So far so good, unti the inevitable of social media happens: the trolls arrive, disparaging, condemning, taking thinks out of context just to rock your boat. It...