Talk Man To Man

This group has been created for the men out there who don't ask questions or speak about issues.Because men don't speak to eachorher about stuff, they don't realise that certain things is normal or not normal."Is this suppose to happen?" "Am I the only one?"Feel free to start topics, even if you're just curious about things.Woman talk to eachother all the time...

Gay Naked Guys with Straight Naked Guys

So, how many of us, gay or straight, have hung out naked with others who are gay or straight? I've hung out with my gay friends, naked, but not with my straight friends, naked.

Interesting podcast idea

This would make a really interesting podcast series. Do u not think.

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Interesting podcast idea

This would make a really interesting podcast series. Do u not think.

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Help in bedroom

Not sure if my issue started here but about seven years ago I was having an unrelated issue and had an MRI. That showed a baseball size tumor on my kidney. Most of my kidney was removed and everything was okay. Fiv years of checkups and no issues....

optimist or pessimist that is the question.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? To know for uncertainty just answer this unscientific question. When you see a glass only partially full of water, do you see it as half full or half empty? That is the usual question asked. But to honestly answer...

What an interesting group

I like that a space is being created for men to talk to one really talk. I've found it very difficult to maintain quality friendships with especially heterosexual men due to the whole, "That's gay" (which everything...

Southern California Nudists | Snap: satinlite

Looking to connect with other dudes in southern California around my age under 45 Snap: satinlite

Gym swimwear? What to wear?

Hey guys, So I am trying to get into lap swimming a lot more but cant decide what to wear as a nudist:( I find speedos and jammers very constricting smashing your dick and balls but shorts too floppy. I also never seen guys wear speedos in the pool...

Making new friends

How would some of you recommend making new friends on here? Looking for suggestions.


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