New Nudist

For anyone just starting out home alone or whever into nudism that wants to share his or her fears, expeiences, etc. I am also inviting anyone who wants a FRIEND to chat with Clothes or Whatever on the SUBJECT. I was a NewBie Last Year and had a few great friends on Yahoo Chat help me relaxe & got me over my fears. If you want to Yahoo Chat IMme at ChiGuy168 on Yahoo all I ask is that you have a...

Back Garden privacy

Hi all How are you shielding yourselves from the prying eyes of your neighbours - or are you not bothered. I'd be interested in seeing your setups as I'm overlooked from the upstairs windows of my immediate neighbours Thanks

What was your first publicly nude experience...

It seems right that I share first as I started this goes. I am really new to public/social nudity, like 2 months new. I have been a private, home nudist for decades but, outside of a locker room, I had not been nude in public. One of...

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New at this

Hay im kinda new to this i never been around pepole nude no were to go around here and im not that good at talking to pepole im the quit one

New here shy

We dont know what the rules are to being nudist and would like some friends preferably in Ohio

Your first resort experience

Looking back at your first visit to a resort what was your biggest disappointment, biggest surprise, and or your most fun memory?

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How to feel more comfortable being nude?

I have just started getting into the nudist lifestyle, but I have some hesitancy undressing all the way...fine with taking shirt off and pants off, but still hung up on taking everything off. Is there anyone else who was in this boat when they...

NUDIST video call

Any one interested nudist group call ping me in skype or hangouts My skype id -Sunil Prakash Hangouts-

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Incest is the topic whats you thoughts on the subject? Speak your mind and share stories

New to the site and group

I am normally naked while at home as often as I can and really enjoy it. I am wanting to take the next big step and to meet others that also enjoy being naked. I guess at the moment I am trying to deal with the first time nerves and confidence which...

A success story

I thought I would share a success story with you all. My wife and I are in our early 50s, married well over 20 years. We have a terrific marriage, were secure in our relationship, and together we have raised 3 wonderful Children. They have now all...