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A group for people with a common interest in using nudism/naturism to normalise nudity in society, and promoting healthy attitudes to the human body. We will share ideas, events, media, etc. that will help make non-sexual nudity acceptable generally and not only in reserved areas. Society's attitudes towards nudity lead to unreal expectations about appearance, shame, and ignorance of what a...

Naked and Afraid

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You either like the show or don't, but the one thing it does is make nudity mainstream for hundreds of thousands of people for 40 minutes at a shot. Naked is a draw for viewers, but it is not a focus of the show. The contestants are just naked and doing what they have to. I feel that it opens minds to the idea of being naked outside, I wonder how many people have tried being naked outside because of the show. Is Naked and Afraid good or bad for Normalising Nudity?

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RE:Naked and Afraid

I have to feel that there are a few people who have gotten the idea of going out and getting naked in nature because of the show. That is a big positive in my mind. Or at least, it shows that people can function without obsessing about clothes. (Although there have been a few who their highest priority was to find some way of covering up.)

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RE:Naked and Afraid

I watch the show from time to time. I like to watch the progression from the first time they meet to the end of the 21 days. Most are, well this is awkward. lets get this over with and share a tentative hug. Yes, some do try to find something to cover with. I have heard that there is some encouragement from the producers. That pixelation cost time and money in production. Plus they have to be real sure everything is covered. For those that dont cover I like to watch the interaction between them develop and get much more relaxed. Often in the end it seems their nakedness is not even a conscious thought. Full frontal hugs are often shared. Then the final part when they get picked up. Most still do not think about covering up. The last show I saw was recently. The lady stood on the back of the pickup truck with shoulders back and chest out, proud as hell for what they just finished. It is that transition that I hope to be encouraging toward normalizing nudity. I have been in discussions, with textile friends about the show. There are some out there that say that they could get naked for the show. Someday I will find the right situation to challenge them.

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