Nude Celebrity

Group for all who like to watch and admire the famous people naked.

Softball Player Lauren Chamberlain

ESPNs Body Issue features softball player Lauren Chamberlain.Shes not standard issue sexy, but damn, who wants standard?

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Another magazine with a naked actress in THAT...

Jenna Dewan is posed on the cover of Womens Health nude in that pose that all famous women who pose nude for a magazine cover pose in. Yes, I used the word pose too much. One day, photographers will come up with a new nude pose for women. I would...

Chelsea Handler on Nudity

I think it's very empowering for me, I like to be naked because I don't take my body seriously and I know a lot of other people do and that's nice for them but I think bodies are so silly.For the complete interview, click here.

Alanis Morissette Quote

Alanis Morissette on how she grew up:We all walked around naked when it was appropriate, there wasnt a lot of shame to it.

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Mayim Bialik on Nudity

I caught this post on Mayim Bialiks blog a couple of years ago. While not strictly nudity positive, it seems like a pretty good start:Being naked or nude I suppose is freeing and awesome. Your bodys natural state is without clothing! And while I dont...

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Josephine Baker Quote

One of my favorite nudist quotes:I wasnt naked; I simply didnt have any clothes on.

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Alyssa Milano vs Katarina Witt

Latest PostDefinitely hot!
by Nude1here 
Celebrity Nudists

I thought, why isn't there a thread on here about celebrities who are nudists, or at least are comfortable with nudity. Someone posted a thread about Britney Spears being an at home nudist, for example.By the way, I'm not talking about those...

Carmen Electra vs Kim Kardashian

who would you choose?

If you could have any celebrity who has not done one yet, do a mainstream ( non porno) nude scene in a movie who would it be?

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