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Never too young to be a Hippie

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The title says it all. I'm only 48 but, I'm pretty sure my Hippie friends have given me the honorary Hippie tag. 1) Dr. Bronner's for nearly everything to be cleaned 2) Off grid is work but worth it 3) Love first 4) Simplicity is bliss 5) Acceptance is healing

Well, I hope all you "old school" Hippies welcome me to your circle. I already welcome you.


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RE:Never too young to be a Hippie

Welcome. Circles are precious and hard to find - it seems to be more difficult the older one gets and the more settled one's life.

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RE:Never too young to be a Hippie

This brings up a worthy question - what is a hippie? Do you have to have been part of the 60s movement; is it a life style; state of mind; or all, or none of the above?

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