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What does it mean to be a Hippie?

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Since the Digger's Oct 6, 1967 "Death of Hippie Parade"took place in the Haight one year to the day after the Love Pageant Rally, does Hippie still exist? If so, what does it mean to be a hippie? What are your thoughts? What defines hippie for you?

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RE: What does it mean to be a Hippie?

Granted, the original hippie culture split into heroin-fueled nihilism / dollar-fueled "lifestyle" - a truly free scene prob'ly can't be a stable one. Today? A hippie to me is someone who, one way or another, in appearance, in speech, in livelihood, puts a message out there that they stand aside from the consumption-conformity-fear-violence-war-complex that characterized American society in the 60's and characterizes it today. Does a hippie do drugs? Maybe, maybe not - but for sure is not undone by the very idea. "Free love" (remember that fine old phrase?) Likewise. Rock 'n Roll? There is / was an essential optimism in the hippie music - even the protest music.
Oh, and tie-dye. Did I mention tie-dye?

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A hippie is a forward thinker, a modern man, who makes his decisions as a scientist would. Hippie does not fear God, the hippie fears the man. The hippie follows none of the sociopathic ideals that permeat society but follows his own sense of right wrong, good & evil. The hippie doesn't want a hand out but will often give one. The hippie is misunderstood by those who conform like twisted reeds to fulfill their infantile codependent cravings. The hippie probably does smoke alittle something, only because his mind is open to what he hears and sees and feels for himself rather than the lies he is told. The human beings most powerful weapon is deception. Lies are the rule, truth the exception. Hippies rarely lie, and are almost never wrong.

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RE: da

well said, couldnt have worded it better myself!

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RE: da

For me it means to accept and enjoy fully all the natural aspects of the world in all its form- enjoying nature-its rivers, forests, oceans and mountains, the intense sun rays of summer, the fantastic white landscapes of a snowy winter....taking it all in and being present with it.Accepting and enjoying ourselves fully, our bodies, the body of others regardless of shape and size-for the incredible design that was given to us. And to accept the rich diversity in our bodies, sexes, cultures, orientations, and overall perspectives in life.
When we accept and realize fully all that is, all the marvel around us- we stop thinking so much of the struggles that complicates so many lives and our senses begin to fill us with sights of gold everywhere we turn.

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I would have to say, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. Too many people don't know that there differences in the definition of"hippie". I am not going to go on a triad about it, just saying, when you hear the word, remember, there are still a lot of us around, we just don't get involved in senseless discussions. You not getting to change us.

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