Nudism Should Not Be Sexual

being naked and enjoying the freedom and liberty of not being restrained by clothing should not be sexualized.prudes and perverts alike should not be the ones to set the deffinition of this life style.being nude is completely natural,yet our society allows religon and sex addicted morons to dictate that our bodies must be covered at all times.

My idea of nudism

For me, being naked and showing me naked is primarily a gesture of freedom and sincerity. For me, being naked is sharing myself without the intention of provoking, it is the desire to be fully myself in front of everyone. I am not ashamed to show...

just thoughts...

good day my friends, im wondering how people feel about a subjuct that honestly seems brushed under the rug in the nudist community, at least from my experience. to get right into it, erections.more specificaly men who post pictures of themselves on...

Im publishing a book about nudism.

I need some volunteers to answe some interview questions for my book About Nudism. Any takers? Shoot me a message. Youll also get a copy of course.

End sexual preference?

It's impossible to ignore the fact that out of the thousands of TN members, there are less than 30 members in this particular group. It's really no big surprise. In spite of what many say, there is always a sexual undercurrent that flows...

Nudist friends and non-sexual nudity

Here's the gist of a conversation that happened some years ago during my first marriage: "So Nudony, what did you do this week end? - I went to visit some nudist friends. - Wait...what? They were naked? Your wife too? - Yeap. We spent the...

Completely naked without sexual provocation

Hello everybody. I am Andrea from Italy, 58 years old, divorced without children and nudist. Personally I don't feel any shame to be naked or to be seen naked because I consider it a natural fact and there is no kind of sexual provocation in my...

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Nudism with a spouse (or significant other)

There are a few topics in several nudist forums about guys openly professing their "enjoyment" seeing other people "admiring" their naked S/O. There is usually a strong sexual undertone in those posts. This kind of attitude is...

I couldn't agree more.

I completely agree that social nudism should be nonsexual. I have been able to enjoy this life for decades and thankfully keep sex and simple nudity separate.

completely naked without shame and without...

Greetings to everyone. I'm Andrea from Italy. I, like all of you (I imagine) love to be naked without feeling ashamed and above all without wanting to make sexual provocation. I am completely naked to be completely myself, to show myself without...

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I wish everyone understood

I wish everyone understood that being naked is natural and not naughty. It sure would make it easier to let people know you're a nudist if they didn't sexualize nudity all the time. Not many of my friends get it

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