Nudism Should Not Be Sexual

being naked and enjoying the freedom and liberty of not being restrained by clothing should not be sexualized.prudes and perverts alike should not be the ones to set the deffinition of this life style.being nude is completely natural,yet our society allows religon and sex addicted morons to dictate that our bodies must be covered at all times.

End sexual preference?

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It's impossible to ignore the fact that out of the thousands of TN members, there are less than 30 members in this particular group. It's really no big surprise. In spite of what many say, there is always a sexual undercurrent that flows beneath the surface of social least in cultures that are accustomed to hiding the body behind clothes. Some tribal cultures that have not been severely accosted by Western cultures stillwander around nude or semi-nude 24/7/365, and view it as normal. Only modernized societies see nudity as fundamentally sexual and the subculture ofnudism oftenas a kind of aberrant behavior.All of us know that for those whose main goal and preoccupation in lifeis toincrease the number of theirsexual encounters, it issuggested that they sign up with the True Swingers site. At least by doing so, they are being up-front about it !Buteven on True Nudists new members are asked what their "sexual orientation" is, which basically indicates that sexuality is still an important factor in making a decision on who to "friend". So, my question is: should TN eliminate from a members profile the "sexual orientation" designation or leave it as is? If it remains as a part of a member's profile, doesthat make TN kind of hypocritical?Of course, a member can always leave it blank. But should it be there at all if plain old simple, non-sexualnudity is reallyaprimary nudist aficionadofactor? Is it REALLY possible for nudity in modern culturesto be totallynon-sexual?

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RE: End sexual preference?

I like the thought that nudity can be separated from sex. Yes sex can happen between nude people and that is OK when done in an appropriate setting. And yes nude people can talk about sex when that is what they want to do. However nude people should be allowed to be nude and not expect it to be sexual. And people should be able to be nude and not have friends and relatives assume it is all about sex.
Sexual orientation is a weird label that at first seemed very clear how to answer, but after about 5 years of chats with people, yes we do chat about sex some of the time, the label is really not very clear. Between people not answering honestly and people not really clear in their own mind what their orientation is, you cannot really judge a persons sexually by the orientation listed. I think as long as people can choose to leave it blank, it is OK to have the question. Just know that the answer really does not tell you a lot.

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RE:End sexual preference?

Very good points. From my experience, it can be challenging to find friends on here who dont want to assess you as a sexual partner. Maybe its different for others. However if you read the comments under pictures it often seems that most or many are sexual. Sex is a great thing, but not the be all and end all of life. Maybe de-emphasizing sexual orientation on here would help? Not sure.

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RE:End sexual preference?

I agree with this completely but I am sure there would be a huge uproar from who are on the site for reasons unrelated to genuine nudism and naturism.

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