Nudists Who Want Anti-Nudism Laws C

A group for those of us who want to have anti-nudism laws in our areas or states overturned or changed!

Wisconsin Anti Nudity Laws

Wisconsin Residents - we need your help. The Wisconsin lawmakers have passed SB 477, SB 478, AB 504, and AB 503 to outlaw any public nudity. This will close down the Madison and Milwaukee WNBR rides. It has been said that Wisconsin will be the...

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by Buddyallen66 
Nudity is a Victimless Crime

No one is harmed by seeing human beings in their natural state. There's no valid reason to criminalize being in your natural state.

More Parking at Apollo Beach Lot 5

Would love to see the Canaveral National Seashore add onto the parking area at Apollo Beach Lot 5 as it is always full on weekends and also nearly full mid days during the week. They need to double the number of parking spaces!

In France, nudity in the public domain is...

In France, it is forbidden to be naked outside naturist centers: nudity is assimilated to a sexual exhibition punishable by a heavy fine and even imprisonment! Of course and fortunately, this requires not only being seen naked, but also that the...

Key to less laws and more liberty?

So, ever sat around and wondered where everything went so wrong? We have so many laws you could be made a felon three times throughout your average day in America. Whats the key to us returning to the society our founders laid out for us to live...

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by NatureloverNC 

Beautiful beaches, lots of coast, but no legal CO beaches. Comes back to politicians and getting voted back in I think, doesn't mater about the party and how allegedly progressive or conservative they may be. It's about priorities and how...

That Famous Fig Leaf

Education would seem to be the key. Many people truly and honestly belief that simple mere nudity is sinful. There's a book that dispels that notion; That Famous Fig Leaf. The author is not a nudist, but he makes in very clear that nudity should...

UK Hippacrites

The UK proudly say that public nudity is legal what a joke . Try it and see how long before your arrested . The excuses go from disturbing the peace to outraging public decency . Public nudity is NOT legal in the UK .

Spanish high court backs man's right to...

A triumph for nudist rights... MADRID, Feb 3 (Reuters)

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