Nudists Who Want Anti-Nudism Laws C

A group for those of us who want to have anti-nudism laws in our areas or states overturned or changed!

Bonfire -- Men Only -- Platonic -- Nudity...

Bonfire at my place as soon as the trees are covered in leaves Springfield MO Area Send me a private message if you'd like additional information ~ Men only ~ Male bonding; Male Camaraderie ~ Platonic ~ Strictly Nudist: clothing not permitted;...

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What can we do?

What things can we do to bring about social change towards better acceptance of nudity? What things can we do to make changes in the law?

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Unlikely Allies...?

Keep an note of those around you whom object to compulsory face coverings. When (or if) this pandemic blows over, perhaps they could be persuaded to come over to our side, if not at least have a live-and-let-live attitude or point out the outright...


anyone from vermont, can you tell us the real facts on vermont liberal stance on nudity and if you can be nude not so much in a public place but maybe a hike or swim off the beaten path and other than the naked bike ride would it be possible to...


I'm sorry for those in the USA, tied by so many prudish laws. Here in the UK it is not illegal for a naturist to be naked in public. This is after a hard won battle by British Naturists. First they addressed the way the laws were drafted. Then...

UK Laws

I know there are no national anti-nudity laws in the UK. In the US, some states do not have anti-nudity laws, but local jurisdictions in them still can. Is that true in the UK also?

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Nudity is legal in Oregon but not being lewd. There are a few towns with restrictions because of inappropriate behavior of a few individuals

Ton Dou?

Anyone heard of or support him and his efforts? I have supported him on my Nudist blog and think he could be a good leader on normalizing nudity.

Michigan .

Been lucky to have found a section of beach along Lake Michigan where I can lay out naked during the summer . But have to always be aware of others who may be walking down the shoreline . And cover up immediately before they're even aware of me...

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