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Word study on naked from Genesis 2 and Genesis 3

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Many or maybe even most Hebrew Parent roots have multiple meanings. Usually somewhat close to opposites. I am not a scholar so am sure that this probably poor wording, but it can shed some insight into Hebrew passages. This is a brief introduction into a Biblical (KJV) word study on naked and associated words.

Let's start by looking at a Parent Root - H6191. Here is the definition:

aw-ram'; a primitive root; properly, to be (or make) bare; but used only in the derivative sense (through the idea perhaps of smoothness) to be cunning (usually in a bad sense):
KJV - very, beware, take crafty (counsel), be prudent, deal subtilly.

Ok now look at Genesis 2:25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

In this verse naked is H6174 - aw-rome'; or ; from H6191 () (in its original sense); nude, either partially or totally:
KJV - naked.

This is a positive naked as they were not ashamed. Note that H6174, a positive naked is derived from its parent H6191.

Now look at Genesis 3:10 And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself. This is not a positive naked because they hid from the God.

In this verse naked comes from a different Hebrew word: H5903 ay-rome'; or ; from H6191 (); nudity:
KJV - naked(-ness).

Even though both words H6174 and H5903 have a meaning of no clothes, they are two different types of naked. In 2:25 there is no shame so it is positive. In 3:10 (and 11) Adam and Eve are still naked but it is a negative naked and they are hiding.

In some ways this reflects being naked in today's society. In come cases it is treated as a positive and some cases it is treated as negative. Both of these Hebrew words have the same root - H6191. Being naked can not of itself be a sin as God created both Adam and Eve naked and it was good. There is another Hebrew word with H6191 as its Parent root. Studying this word can begin to give some insight into what these Hebrew verses are telling us. It is in Genesis 3:1, See if you can pick it out using the info above.

If there is interest will continue this study.

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RE:Word study on naked from Genesis 2 and Genesis 3

From my research I come to the conclusion that when Adam and Eve sinned, shame hit them because of their sin, especially when their Creator came along on His next visit, but it got misapplied to their bodies. Why? Something about their disobedience caused their attention to be drawn to themselves. It's explained by one woman who was given many visions that they had a glow of light that emanated from them, and that faded after they sinned. making it visibly obvious something wasn't right. But the same author in stating the reason for the robes that were given them afterwards, says they were necessary because the air in the garden was always perfect feeling but when they lost the glow or aura of light that kept them perfectly comfortable all the time, they started feeling chilly. So the robes were their blanket to keep warm when they needed it. But it says also that Adam would have to start earning his bread by the sweat of his face. That means he'd get hot in work. Keep the robe on? forget it!!! the robes had nothing to do with morality like the modern Christians like to imagine.

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RE:Word study on naked from Genesis 2 and Genesis 3

Word study should not be restricted to the Hebrew but include the Greek, Roman, and Sumerian versions of the verses in review.

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RE:Word study on naked from Genesis 2 and Genesis 3

Well starting in Genesis and working through the primitive roots there isn't much Greek.

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