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For those who take naked photos of themselves using a self timer

Why dont more people use timers?

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Often see people asking for someone to help them take pictures. Wonder why more people dont use self timers and remote clickers to take photos?

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RE:Why dont more people use timers?

All of my shots are selfies or timer shots. The worst part of timer shots in the wild is finding a good resting place for the phone. Some of my efforts used a rock (random blade of grass in the image), fence post (featuring the fence's rail). That even assumes I aim the camera correctly when clicking, positioning the phone and positioning myself within the limited time.

On one occasion I pulled off my shirt, managed the above satisfactorily and pulled my shirt back on just in time to avoid being seen by a textile hiker. In a more permissive location I could have just asked for assistance!

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RE:Why dont more people use timers?

I have found that at the hot tubs I will ask for help taking pictures. After a while though I can not post those pictures. lol

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