Self Timers

For those who take naked photos of themselves using a self timer

Self timers are a must

I use an app called Selfie. Rather than setting a timer its voice activated with a 3 second delay so I set the camera up, get in position and just say something or clap and it takes a pic after 3 seconds. Saves all the back and forth to the phone. I...

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Self timers are a single naturist best friend

For those outs who aren't fortunate enough to have found their significant other half to share the naturist lifestyle with and take turns taking pictures of each other to remember all of the great experiences we shared, then the self timer is...

Self timers are the best

Hello all, I'm Ian. All mu pictures are taken using a 10 second timer on my phone! Sometimes it can take ages before I have one I'm happy with! It can be difficult getting one outdoors but manage in the end. And you see the results here!

Self timer

So far all my nude pics are taken with my Canon T5 Rebel camera and a tripod,

Great app for selfies!!!

I use an app called SCOS (Spy Cam app) You can set a ton of options and it will snap a pic every few seconds until you stop it. I usually set to 2 or 3 seconds, prop it up on something, then go pose in front of it. Lots of deleting required...

Why dont more people use timers?

Often see people asking for someone to help them take pictures. Wonder why more people dont use self timers and remote clickers to take photos?

Self Timer... alot of fun

all my pics are taken by me using my self timer.. I enjoy it, but just wish I could set my timer a little bit longer but it only has two settings... I certainly do enjoy it though..eventurally ill have to invest in a much better camera. though my...

Phone app

I am using the selftimer as a app on my phone, super handy and you can set up at time, and he will counting it down before taking the picture.... happy with it!!

Non posed self timers.

Most of us with self timers just do posing ie we just decide where we are going to take the photo and stand when it is taken. But the last one I took I was strimming (weed whacking) around the apple tree so didn't know what it was going to be...

Early morning amble

I love a walk around in the morning before the sun gets too high and the air is fresh and cool. Always by myself my self timer is the best way to record these outings