Self Timers

For those who take naked photos of themselves using a self timer

90 deree photos

Ok just came back from Bahamas (illegal to go nude) so took some self timers in my room.Now here in lies the problem, in the camera and laptop I'm standing vertical, yet when I uploaded the pics to this site I am suddenly horizontal... any ideas?

New to this but enjoying the self timing

It takes some work to get it right but others seem to enjoy many of the shots I have taken, thanks.

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ZirconB1 Self-timer Pics

I like taking pics of myself when I helps pass the time. The pics in my profile are examples. I like seeing similar pics from other fellows, and I have plenty more to exchange. You can e-mail me at with some of yours !!!!!

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Hi Im in Walesnudists group & would like to post a few pics have tried but they don't stay when downloaded any tipsGoldbugSwansea

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Hit and miss

When I set the camera up I aim it vaguely in the right diraction, set the 10sec delay, hit the shutter button and stand in front of it. I know roughly where to stand. But of course I'm not in the pic when I'm aiming the camera and I might...


A lot of my nude shots were taken by me using the timer, problem I have is coming up with creative poses. Any suggestions on how to take a better self pic?