Self Timers

For those who take naked photos of themselves using a self timer


A remote is handy when 10 sec is not long enough to get into position -some of the more tricky selfies. Has anyone else used one?


Most of my pictures were taken with a 10 second time delay.

Interval setting

I have used wireless remotes for my Nikons, however the newer models have a setting for interval shooting that I like to use for my nude selfies. You can set the interval between shots and how many pics you want. Like it more than the wireless...

Activating timer by Bluetooth remote

Just bought a four pack of Bluetooth remotes for activation get timer. Works with android and I device only $8

Using Apple Watch

I just want to make sure to say thank goodness for the Apple Watch! Because of having to Apple Watch I am able to stand up my iPhone and use to watch to start the timer and see what my phone says before taking the picture. This make sure that I have...

Posting Photos in Group Media

Anyone know if you can post photos directly from your Profile into the Group Media or do they need to be pulled from an outside file?

looking for male models of any age to...

I belong to a group of photographers that specialize in nude non sexual images. I'm always looking for new people and ideas. We also use self times to get images of ourselves. Mostly work in the outdoors in nature. All my work is artsy. NO SEX...

New Member of this group

Where would any of us be without a self-timer? I've seen some great gear that amazes me, like a remote phone or tablet that acts like a monitor & shutter release for the camera many feet away. Amazing. But for now, I'm happy with my Samsung...

All my pictures are done with a timer.

I wish they could turn out better. Anybody have any ideas? Other than lose some weight.