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Group for all nudists and naturists who like to shave their intimate bodyparts

A close shave

I got my first shave about 20 years ago when I went for a massage . The person giving the massage commented on how hairy I was and asked if I wanted a "trim". I thought what the heck and said "go for it" I thought they were just...

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Anyone want to chat

anyone curious what pubes hair look like

anyone else been smooth like forever and curious what pubes and body hair would look like again?


Wax all day hurts but worth it in my opinion amd looks better also


Hi. I have been using an epilator for about 5 years now and love it! Only takes a few mins per day and the hair takes a month to reappear. Little painful at first but worth it in time an effort in the end. Anyone have the same experience?


I shave daily my armpits, chest, stomach and pubic area. When it needs doing I do my back, ass and anal region. I love the way it looks. I keep thinking I should wax or laser, but this would involve growing the hairs out enough to be able to have...

shave rash

what do everybody do to stop getting a shave rash


I'm kinda lucky in that I rarely have to shave, when I do start at the top of the area and shave downwards, lots of soap and don't press to hard on the razor, never shave up or sideways that will cause a rash

Is shaving better than keeping your pubes

All my lifetime as a nudist, Ive always love myself shaved and I enjoy seeing people without pubes on them but I dont know why I can never keep mine or even see any on my part its funny but true. I want five people to send me their shaved body and...


i have been shaving for last 10 years with old shaver, wife got me manscape shaver and its by far alot better than my old electric shaver. gets me real smooth and never a knick.

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