Shaved Truenudist That Are CERTIFIE

Not fake real people

Why do you shave.

I started shaving about five years ago after the attachment on my beard trimmer came off while trimming so my hair wouldn't get caught in my zipper and left a reverse mohawk in my pubes so I just shaved it all off and never have gone back to a...

Just saying

We are on kik as RandKcouple. Just let us know who you are

Wax, blade, or chemicals

I Was wondering what peoples preferences are for hair remover. Ive been grooming down there for as long as I can remember. I guess I heard the joke referencing a button on a fur coat at a young age and figured that I shout keep that coat trimmed....

Love it shaved down under

I always loved it when a women shaved down under. Since about a year ago also love to shave myself down under as well. Just much fresher and cleaner without hair. Only thing a bit itchy when the hair grows back again

Time changes things.

It occurred to me as I was shaving that up until five years ago I had pubic hair and it didn't bother me. Now if I get a couple days worth of stubble down there it drives me crazy the way it feels. It's not the itching, because it...

Advantage of being a ginger.

After a week of not being able to shave I was getting ready to take a shower and shave and looked in the mirror and it looked like I was still smooth. If I would've had any other color hair it would've looked like I had five o'clock...


I really love the smooth feeling all over from necks down, but shaving takes so long. I'm thinking about trying an epilator. Does anyone have any experience to share? Any suggestions of best epilators? Ever used one on the pubic hair, if so how...

Need a Shaving Partner

I love smooth but let myself go these last few months. Shaving to me is both an adventure and an awesome sensation once its completed. Would love to share this adventure with a woman who also shaves and enjoys the experience. I'm in Austin TX...


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