Shaved Truenudist That Are CERTIFIE

Not fake real people


I shave my private area have for yrs just looks better i like woman that do also

Latest Posti wax mine
by bernard 
Shaving vs. Waxing

I shave and my wife prefers being waxed...her hair is getting much thinner after each session. She recently changed to sugaring and it's a lot less painful. We just posted some pics from one of her sessions.

Finally took the waxing plunge!

After 25+ years of shaving the twig and berries every day in the shower, I let myself grow out enough to get a full Brazilian waxing today. Nice salon in Northern VA, very sweet and experienced lady. It only took 20 minutes from start to finish, and...

Kik fun

We are on kik as randkcouple !! If you send us a message please tell us you from here and your screen name

Pubic grooming has a high injury rate survey...

The link is not just about nudists, it is about how many people in the wider population trim or remove their pubic hair and suffer injuries doing so. I suspect this article is as much clickbait as serious. I find it amazing that so many people...

Shave Butter Commercial

Have you seen this commercial for Shave Butter? I saw it a couple times on TV and couldn't believe they broadcast it. Pretty funny.

Hi - I am new to the group

Hello to everyone in the group, we all share a similar passion. It's not for everyone, some understand some don't. My photos best explain my passion. While everyone has their thoughts on why they do it. I just simply prefer the look. I am...

How much of your body do you shave?

I keep my body shaved from the neck down and love the smooth feeling! New photo in the photo section.


We are new on Tumblr as randkcouple

Shaving problems

Hello there i shave my whole body regularly, when i last tried to shaved all went well till the second day after shaving thay i noticed on my thighs many red spots. What are those or how can i cure them?i have pics too to tell me ur opinion

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