Shaved Truenudist That Are CERTIFIE

Not fake real people

MeWe and kik

We are on MeWe and kik as randkcouple say hi and tell us who your are on here

Why smooth?

Genetically, I do not have a lot of hair. My heritage being mexican, and I am sure there is some type of indian in there, whether Mexican-indian, or American-indian, I am blessed without a lot of body hair. Except for lower legs, patchy interior...

Home laser hair removal

I was wondering, does anyone have experience with the at home laser removal products? If so how well did they work. I am considering getting one and I don't want to invest the $$ in one if it is not worth it. Any recommendations of at home laser...

new member

Happy to join groupd and hoping there are some uk members for me to chat with, older guy based lancs

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Shaved smooth

Thank you for letting me join, I have only been shaved smooth for a few weeks but really enjoying it and will stay smooth, happy to post photos if anyone is interested, here is me showering after first shave.

Woman's opinions on shaved men

I am smooth all over down to my knees (I like wearing shorts when I have too wear clothes), I am interested to find out what the ladies think about men who shave all over and are smooth. I always think that if I met a women out and about would she...

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Laser hair removel

Have any other members went this route and have had your hair permanently removed by a laser technician professional?

Shaving vs. Waxing

I shave and my wife prefers being waxed...her hair is getting much thinner after each session. She recently changed to sugaring and it's a lot less painful. We just posted some pics from one of her sessions.

Finally took the waxing plunge!

After 25+ years of shaving the twig and berries every day in the shower, I let myself grow out enough to get a full Brazilian waxing today. Nice salon in Northern VA, very sweet and experienced lady. It only took 20 minutes from start to finish, and...