Shaved Truenudist That Are CERTIFIE

Not fake real people

shaved legs for men?

I do shave my legs frequently to get a very smooth feeling and a better tan. And I do see more and more men doing it. What do you think?

attention all

i have a three week-old petition here that you can sign if you want:

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we stay smooth all year, but summer is here hope everybody is ready ... how many stayy smooth or just when summer gets here they shave????

Love that Clean feeling

I love being nude and find it very comfortable to save my self clean. My lady appreciates it and calls me her eye candy. LOL

always smooth.

hate the feel of stubble down there need to be smooth all the time.

I have gotten lazy

winter here and no one coming around so haven't shaved my pubic hair for 2 weeks


I am normally shaved smooth from top to toe, I've decided not to shave for the whole of November. I didn't realise how hairy I am, it has been over 15 years since I started shaving, a bit of a shock, llol Has anybody else not been smooth for...