Shaved Truenudist That Are CERTIFIE

Not fake real people

New Year

Happy Smooth Year everyone.

All you naked and shaved lovely people

Morning everyone, just like to say thank you for accepting my request to join the group

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Home laser hair removal

I was wondering, does anyone have experience with the at home laser removal products? If so how well did they work. I am considering getting one and I don't want to invest the $$ in one if it is not worth it. Any recommendations of at home laser...

Finally smooth again

I am not sure how many of you do this but I did only to satisfy my wife. She does not like the smooth look on me but I love it. So I didnt go smooth for a couple of month and didnt trim the hair either. So I did that to make her happy but realized...

Worried about comments from non nudists!!

I've always been totally smooth down to just above my knees, this way I can wear shorts when around clothed people, awkward keeping top on when really hot lol. Well just before Christmas I done my legs as well so now smooth from neck too feet, I...

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

I'm Karie, fully waxed every few weeks and I have a naturist friendly villa in Fuerteventura. I love naturism and decided to rent my villa for naturist holidays if you're interested in more information! My website is naturistcanaries...

19/20th July UK

19/20th July - Anyone want to hang out nude either at their place or at a beach? I can travel so just let me know. Andy

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Back shaving

Trying to find an easy and safe way to remove back hair. Any ideas from those that do?

Shaving vs. Waxing

I shave and my wife prefers being waxed...her hair is getting much thinner after each session. She recently changed to sugaring and it's a lot less painful. We just posted some pics from one of her sessions.

A HIstory Lesson

If you remember the 1970's you remember that pubic hair was everywhere. My wife and I eventually discovered the joy of smoothness but only did that occasionally, not as a standard practice. The few friends whom we told about that found the idea...