Shaved Truenudist That Are CERTIFIE

Not fake real people

Home laser hair removal

I was wondering, does anyone have experience with the at home laser removal products? If so how well did they work. I am considering getting one and I don't want to invest the $$ in one if it is not worth it. Any recommendations of at home laser...

Wax, blade, or chemicals

I Was wondering what peoples preferences are for hair remover. Ive been grooming down there for as long as I can remember. I guess I heard the joke referencing a button on a fur coat at a young age and figured that I shout keep that coat trimmed....

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Why smooth?

Genetically, I do not have a lot of hair. My heritage being mexican, and I am sure there is some type of indian in there, whether Mexican-indian, or American-indian, I am blessed without a lot of body hair. Except for lower legs, patchy interior...

Do you keep yourself shaved when you visit...

I have no issue being shaved in front of other nudists because I fit right in. But with doctors, I'm a little self conscious, so I always grow my pubic hair back when I'm getting my annual checkup to the doctor. I always hate that because...


Add me on Snapchat: apolloisnude (please say you're from TN and send nude pics with face so I can add you!)

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Shaving Yourself and Sharing

Just wanted to post that I recently posted a video of shaving myself on my media - AustinJohn. Like to see other women on here also share the experience since it is both sexual and educational. I am all into smooth and even invite women or couples...

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Self Waxing

Good day my fellow bares. 25 or so years ago I was dealing with Follicular cysts in the groin and belt area, painful to say the least. At a massage appt the owner of the buisness, a skin Dr. suggested waxing but would not go "there"....

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Care to be Bare?

Thank you for including me into this group. I love being nude and believe youre not really nude if you have hair down there. When I need to see a doctor I always shave clean the night before. Clean and proud.