Shaved Truenudist That Are CERTIFIE

Not fake real people

Pubic grooming has a high injury rate survey...

The link is not just about nudists, it is about how many people in the wider population trim or remove their pubic hair and suffer injuries doing so. I suspect this article is as much clickbait as serious. I find it amazing that so many people...


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Shaving problems

Hello there i shave my whole body regularly, when i last tried to shaved all went well till the second day after shaving thay i noticed on my thighs many red spots. What are those or how can i cure them?i have pics too to tell me ur opinion

What kind of reactions do you get to being...

In my case mostly curiosity from newbies and most everyone else is accepting including family. Anyone receive strong reactions?

Looking for women opinion

Hi all! I put beforehand that I'm a hairy man and that I tried and love the smoothness of bodies. Times ago I totally waxed my body neck to toes. After a while, even the result are not as good as waxing, I've started to shave my whole body...

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hello everyone...its been a while

Hello Everyone. After being some time away from this site due to work scheduling, and multiple jobs. I'm now back. Even though I haven't really contributed to this group much, i thought it would be nice to at least say something Also, for...

Happy Nude Year

Happy Nude Year to all here. I hope its a very naked and smooth year for everyone here.

Naked in Alexandria va

Any ladies are couples like hang out naked hit me up

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Just shaved my whoooole body

till now i was only shaving my chest belly genital and anus but today i decided to shave all oooover... damn is the best feeling ever. ill never leave hair anywhere again. i just love touching my newly shaved areas. i recommend it to everyone

Wax/sugaring vs Shaving

I'm sort of taking an informal poll to see how many use waxing or sugaring instead of shaving. If so, do you have a professional do it or do it yourself? We use Alexandria sugar instead of shaving. Last so much longer and it grows back thinner...