Travelling Nude Is The Best

Travel nude for fast transit, light luggage and freedom. Only if it would be legal everywhere. This group is for those who like the idea and/or have done it within limited scope.

Nudist festival

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A naturist festival is organized from 26thto 29thAugust at a resort with offer of guaranteed and secured, continuous 24*7 stay for 72 hours with nude/clothing optional indoor and outdoor experience, swimming, fishing, and also optional nude car travel to near-by sea beach for nude enjoyment. And much more things are in offer. The stay there will be from 26thnoon to 29thnoon. The place is near Kolkata (About 150 km from the city). Reservation is available in express trains upto a station within 20 km of the place. Car transfer is available from that place/Kharagpur/Kolkata at extra cost (standard taxi fare).The core cost of the programme per head is Rs. 6200/= only. Contact me over phone for details. The numbers are 9433112685/9051668880/9230551734. Known experienced nudists or people recommended by known experienced nudists are allowed only.Make your booking within 05.08.14 positively. Rs. 200/= discount is available if booking is done within21.07.14.P. S. - We need at least 25-30 persons as we need to book the whole resort. We are hopeful that we are going to get the number. But in case we dont, we have to cancel the programme. In case of cancellation, refund will be available.

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