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Bare Necessities Tour & Travel has grown from modest beginnings; a 36 passenger dive boat offering in 1991 - to four major cruise ship offerings in 1999, the largest of these having a capacity of 1,500 passengers. In 2003 Bare Necessities chartered it's largest cruise ever with 2050 passengers...

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SunShine Cruise, 2019

There was so much interest in the chat room, that I decided to create some type blog for the up coming trip. So I hope to be able to enter what each day was like and what we did. As a note, I am much more comfort with nudity than my wife, an this is...

Outback Australia

If your visiting Australia and want to see true Australia I can host you Cheers Tony

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vicking cruises

I am wondering if you've ever explored the possibilities of a bare Viking river cruise? As you probably know, they operated in both US and Europe.