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I'm a 45 year old male living in Denmark, about 1.5 hours outside Copenhagen. My own experience of nudism is my many visits to nude beaches around the world. When I first started going, as a young 20 something, I will admit that it was mostly...

Join me in my naked life!

I'm glad to inform you that I'm now sharing my daily naked life on some new platform: There will be all sort of different contents - daily life, nudist adventures, naked dares, naked workout/gym,...

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A lot of people on here discuss length, well my Cock is around 7 inches long when soft and 9 inches when hard, pic attached of my soft Cock. Because I have it well documented on here that I wear Glans Rings 24/7 my Cock Head has improved over the...

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Unexpected support !

Hello every1 from Athens, Greece ! Medium penis here, around 4cm flaccid and 15cm when fully erect. (sorry, Americans, you will have to do the conversion to inches) BUT it has always been the WELL endowed men who have shown me the most appreciation...

LPSG Skype group

I started a Skype group for the big guys on here a while ago and just started again after a break from this site. Let me know if youre interested in joining!

Super Shadow

Had to share this picture on here. The shadow down my leg is something else! Been exploring the South of France - plenty more photos on my profile - feel free to send me a request.

Onsen in Japan

Have you ever been to an Onsen in Japan and do you have any recommendation on which place to visit?

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New experience

I have noticed that, as I have gotten older and especially in better shape, that I tend to be more of an exhibitionist. Which is very different for me. Ive always been shy. And in my teens, and even 20s, if I was naked, I immediately got hard, so I...

What exactly is large?

I have always found it confusing when the subject of size crops up. What exactly is large and what is small? Every man knows that the penis differs in size from time to time and much depends on the weather and his mood. If he is nervous, it will...

Having a well endowed son

Hello LPSupporters, Linda and Gerrit here. We've been following this group for a while now for support but haven't seen this topic come across yet. As the title says we have been "blessed" with a well endowed son. Something some...

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