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LPSG Skype group

I started a Skype group for the big guys on here a while ago and just started again after a break from this site. Let me know if youre interested in joining!

Hello From Boston

Thank you for accepting me into this group! It's quite an honor. I love being seen nude and seeing other's nude. Penis's are beautiful and there are so many amazing ones on here. I am uploading some pics of mine and friend requests are...

Bath Spa, UK hang out

Staying in Bath Spa city centre for one night on 24th October. Would love a nude hang out and maybe some stroking together if anyone is around :-)

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Recieving comments on your equipment

On another platform I recieved a message from someone out of the blue saying: "Big penis man xx ". I asked him how I was supposed to answer to that and he insisted then and later on that it was a compliment. I do not agree. I think that is...

Poll: What size are your genitals as a set?

Please share yours or others you know, that may have an oversized Package. Is it just your penis, or testicles as well. Or in between, flip flopped, etc.

INTRODUCTIONS - please introduce yourself to...

I'm a 45 year old male living in Denmark, about 1.5 hours outside Copenhagen. My own experience of nudism is my many visits to nude beaches around the world. When I first started going, as a young 20 something, I will admit that it was mostly...

Whats it like having a big dick? - AskReddit

A Reddit post thats relevant to this group. If nothing else, the most upvoted responses are an interesting read. There arent any large-scale studies or polls about this sort of thing, so something like this is as close as we can get to a wide study...

Proud to be nudist and share

If anyone's up to chat, add me on my new telegram: @duart_dl

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Anyone have challenges on toilet

Ever encounter a toilet too small to keep your penis head out of the water? Hard to navigate a sitting pee on small toilets.

Moving To Florida and Looking to Meet Above...

Hello, we just joined this group today 8/22/22 and are hoping to make some friends. We are moving to Florida in November and would like to meet well-endowed men (and couples) at local nude beaches and resorts in the hopes that we all click. Please...

Latest PostSounds like fun
by Einrock 

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