Balls and ballstretchers

Hi guys. I also love balls as they are a nice part of the male body. I like it all hairy, but because I love from time to time to wear Ballstretchers too, are furry balls not so practical . No problem with stainlessteel ones, but with rubber ones is...

do you perfer a scrotum furry, or shaved?

I myself have some pretty furry ballls, i like um that way, keeps my penis from sticking to my sack. how bout you? you like yours furry or shaved?

Do you like sunning your balls?

Did some gardening today. Able to get some sun on my balls. They get rather dark at times, but its uneven! Do you sunbath so you can get a suntan all over your balls or what do you do?

Steel Rings feel SO Good

Just wanted to wake up the balls community. Heres me at 7 rings, hoping to get an 8th on comfortably soon. I will create a post soon about my stretching life. (Please dont copy my image, thanks)

Next Level with my Rings

Whew took my ball stretching to another level today. Im up to 16 rings for my balls. Not sure what the end goal is but adding this last ring to bring it to 16 feels like a workout going on right now. I like to have the rings on stretching on my off...

Hiking today

Was free balling today. Thats as close to being naking and hanging free as I could get lol 7-12-21 My pic was deleted. Group admin or platform monitor? don't know, but I posted it again, lets see how it goes....

My nutz is very sensitive

Like even if just a little breeze on them my shit bone up fast. Balls is truly gift from God.

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My balls

They hang. medium like to touch them if someone plays with them. do i get erect

Balls(Scrotum) Health

Occessionally, massage my balls for better production of semen and sperm quality by coconut oil. Just hold from left and and using right hand for massage. It takes 15-30 mins weekly or may be monthly. Meanwhile like to massage my penis too. Good for...

Man musk

Anyone elses scrotum enjoy that light man scent from you balls and bush?