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New Controversial Music Video

A new video recently released by artist Erykah Badu - "Window Seat" - features her stripping down nude while performing. It is not done in a tasteless manner and is not sexually suggestive, however the mere fact that she appears sans...

things you dont forget

Things you remember forever. First day in school First kiss First slow dance First time ( you know) First hangover Last day of school First day in the service. First day in college When she said yes Wedding day The day you became a dad First time...

To our friends in Haiti

To the two members on this site from Haiti and for everyone with family and friends in Haiti our hearts go out to you. It was with great sadness and horror that we heard the news of the devastating earthquake to hit your beautiful island. Your TN...

Groups top fifteen (15 with most members)

Just for fun, a list of the groups that happen to have attracted the highest number of members: 1. Yahoo Nudists, 1 150 2. Smooth Nudists, 859 3. Home Nudists, 853 4. MSN Messenger Yahoo Nudists, 819 5. Nude Parties, 764 6. Naked Webchat on Yahoo,...


Forum is slow this days Almost make you rather a new troll will come (doesnt matter , I am sure there is one somewhere plotting to log in )

Us ?

Hey folks. I have a few things running through my head at the minute. 1. I very rarely feel like having sex with my girlfriend anymore. This is going on at least two out of the last four years. I haven't lost my libido as I still get very horny...

How many of you have met in person?

I was sitting here trying to figure out how many people from here live somewhat close to me and it made me wonder how many people here have actually met in person. Where did you meet? Was it like seeing an old friend after many many years? Did you...


I,m A man new to this ,? Can any one till me the meaning or the different (BI CURIOUS ) (CURIOUS ) I want to now before I put my foot in my mouth. thank,s

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Order that pictures appear

This is significant because a free member can only see 5 of your pictures. In the past I have wondered why a person uploaded new pictures, because the first visible pictures are pictures that I have seen before. Yesterday, I uploaded some new...

An example of generalizations causing its...

This topic especially impacts single males, and that especially is evident in the thread "Single Males The Victims of Perversion." However my example is irrelevant to single males, so I decided to post this separately. As background...

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