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Linux Users / Ununtu, Mint, etc...

So we have any other Linux users out here? I use Ubuntu and Mint currently.

A Delightful Christmas Tale

The following is copied from the Whispering Pines Nudist Resort December Newsletter. I don't think they will mind. "Christmas Eve 1881 Author unknown/ "Pa never had much compassion for the lazy or those who squandered their means and...

First Impressions

I had this e-mailed to me the other day and thought I would share it. The message at the end is a bit different than what I'm using it for here. As I was reading it, I coudln't help but think of us as a nudist community and of others who are...

Happy Thanksgiving to all... the United States! Happy Thursday to every one else! We're thankful for all the friends we've made here on TN and all the friends we have yet to make here! I'M NOT A TURKEY, I'M A CANARY...NO...REALLY! xoxoxo/^5 Jen and Steve

Found Ourselves Here

Just curious how we all found our way to this site.

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Nature Through My Eyes

Nature Through My Eyes Snow and green leaves first snow 03. November2010, near town Novi Sad Nature Through My Eyes! My photo story! Do you have your photo story-Nature Through My Eyes?

Eureka Springs - Arkansas

Hello, Im trying to find out more about Eureka Springs in Arkansas. Can anyone help me?

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How many sides do the following shapes have? Nonagon, ....... Hendecagon, ....... Dodecagon, ....... Enneadecagon, ........ Icosagon, ........ To find the answers, go to my profile and see the Trivia blog. Have a nice Nude day! :)

Blog post about protest for Topfree rights...

h2 class="date-header"Monday, August 17, 2009/h2 div class="post hentry uncustomized-post-template"A protest for Topless Rights set for August 23rd /h3 div class="post-body entry-content" So many people in America are...

Lord give me the strength... change the things that I can change and to accept the things I can't. It's a motto I've been trying to live by and I wish others (especially in my office lol) would try to live by as well.

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