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A word from the Dr in this crisis

A word from the Dr during this crisis - five things to do while we self isolate https://twitter.com/bbcdoctorwho/status/1242783288571211776?s=21

Dr Who Naked

How many times has the Doctor been naked? I can think of two occasions: Once when he was 'reformed' from his spare hand (Doctor #10) and once when he was going to church (#11). Can anyone think of any other times?

Classic Dr Who actor dies

David Collings, an actor who appeared in many Doctor Who stories and spin-offs both on and off the screen, has died. He was 79. https://doctorwhowatch.com/2020/03/24/doctor-who-david-collings/

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Who is the new Dr?

Last episode a new Dr. was introduced who is she? Where does she fit in the history or Drs. This fan site says there will always be only one original Dr https://doctorwhowatch.com/2020/02/04/doctor-who-william-hartnell-original-incarnation/

Watch A Classic Doctor Who Marathon!

It's Doctor Who Day! Celebrate with a marathon of all the Doctor's greatest adventures, starting tonight at midnight on Classic Doctor Who (CH 370)! On Pluto US

Who ready for NY's Special

So who is ready for the New Years special? Seems like it has been ages since we had a Who fix.

New season new doctor

Liking the new season for the most part though it a bit of a departure from usual format with the self contained episodes. Jodie Whitaker doing great job with the role I didnt care for Peter Capaldi's Dr. The new season has prompted me to go and...

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Letting the inner nudist Whovian out!

Just posted a pic to the group media file, hopefully it will be approved. Little difficult to see, but in my left hand is a Chameleon Arch fob watch and a Baker era TARDIS key. Of course the scarf is 4th Doctor. The sonic is 10th Doctor. Galifreyan...

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by PaulCB 
Favorite Assistant?

For me my favorite assistant is Billie Piper. Close second is Elizabeth Sladen.


Ok Naked Whovians - less then an hour to the Premiere - hang on to the Tardis Remote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei2quMm4qHk&list=PLKlvqURx1hILPyu30ITQWcOpYO3Ryv7V6

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