I always sleep naked

Had to work towards it

I remember growing up my family always wore clothes around each other. I even felt uncomfortable going shirtless around them haha. Then at some point after I graduate high school I started having enough with my clothes getting tangled and getting...

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Back to traveling

Finally I got back in the air and am heading for a couple of small group tours. More then likely I will have a random roomie assigned by the tour company. My policy in the past has been to openly sleep nude from the first night. Never had a roomie...

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How to deal with it?

Im a nudist but my wife isnt. She accepts that Im a nudist but we have a problem lol. Its winter here now and being a nudist I get a little chilly in the house so I like to turn the heat up a couple degrees. Shes on the couch with pants and a hoodie...

Thanks for the add!

Hello all! Steve from Maryland and I wanted to say thanks for the add! I hope to chat with some of you soon. Stop by, say Hello.

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Caught while sleeping naked?

Have you ever been caught by someone while sleeping naked? Brother, Uncle, Dad?

Tricking my mother in bed

From the age of about 13, I would trick my mum in to thinking I always wore pyjamas in bed every night. I would sleep all night nude but with my clean pyjamas in the bed in case she came into my room during the night, but in the morning I would get...

Are there any nudists who don't sleep...

I can't imagine being a nudist and not sleeping nude. Have you ever heard of anyone who does this? I thought it was the default sleeping state of (un)dress for all nudists...

London Nudists WhatsApp Group

Afternoon fellow nudists! I have a nudist WhatsApp group that welcomes nudists from all over the world to join, share experiences and make new connections. If anyone wants to join just drop me a message with your number. Naked hugs, Joe

Going commando

Anyone here go commando as well as sleeping nude. I haven't worn underwear in years. The freedom is wonderful. You should try it.

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