UK Retired Naturists

summer sun

I hope you guys are getting some of this great summer sun on your nude bodies. Tell us where you have been going nude with others

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Quiet here.

Gone very quiet here again. I'm wondering if it's worth staying. Someone please prove me wrong ! lol

New Year

A Happy Nude Year to you all, may you have more time nude this year with others as we struggle to get back to a normal way of nude life. We are told it's going to be another hot summer so we can get a good all over tan.

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Happy Christmas

To all UK guys, Happy Christmas, hope you have a great nude day

Summers over

Well guys summer is over and I didn't manage to get nude on a beach only at home. Hoping next year will be good and I can get to a nude beach and see others nude too. What did you get up to during this hot summer?

North East retired

Any retired guys able to meet for walks, swimming, or a chat over coffee?

Surrey Naturist

Retired from Surrey here. Looking to hook up with anyone interested in nude rambling, nude photography (either side of the lens) or simply nude socials.

Nudist beaches

Hi guys, now it's getting warmer and things are easing up have any of you managed to get nude on a beach or are planning to go to a beach soon? Where do you all go in uk to be nude with others?

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Is the Group Alive or Dead ?

Is this group still alive ? Life has become boring in recent times.

Happy nude year

Hi guys hope you have a great nude year with loads of naked fun. Maybe the virus will wear itself out and we can meet on nude beaches everywhere in safety.

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